Other Services:


Student Publications offers a variety of other services in our office in addition to print, design, and photography. Please note that approval and supervision from a Student Publications staff member is required to utilize any of these services. 



Student Publications has a variety of button presses available for organizations to use for promotional materials. Student Publications may print the button designs but all materials for buttons must be provided by the organization. Below are links to the approved materials and sizes that are recommended for use of the button press: 


1.25” Pinback Button Set 

2.25” Pinback Button Set 


* The button press must be used on-site and is not permitted to leave the Student Publication’s office. 


Lamination is available for projects 11” x 17” and smaller. Recommended materials are lamination pouches in either 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” sizes which can be purchased from approved vendors such as Office Depot. 


For projects larger than 11” x 17”, reach out to Maranda Hawkins at or 850-645-0160 



Paper Cutting/Trimmer: 

Student Publications has a variety of paper cutters and trimmers available for use on everything from poster-size prints to entire stacks of paper up to 500 pages at a time. For questions on the shape, size, and quantity of paper you would like to cut, send an email to us at