Student Publications Design


Student Publications offers graphic design services to our many student organizations for the use of RSO merchandise, social media, flyers, stickers, buttons, events programs, and more! If you can think of it, our team of graphic designers will help you make it.


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Design Request Process:

  1. Finalize information needed for the design. Before submitting anything to Student Publications, make sure that the information needed for the design complete and accurate. This includes but is not limited to: Event date/time/location, desired design elements, desired text on the design, etc.
  2. *NOTE: All text content that you want on the design must be included in the request in complete form. For more than a few sentences of text, please attach a word document with the needed text.

  3. Submit a design request. Requests can be submitted by using our Qualtrics form. Standard design requests take a minimum of 10 business days (two calendar weeks) to complete. Publications and multi-page designs take longer to complete and must be submitted at least five weeks prior to the date the design is needed. Requests submitted with less than two weeks notice may be rejected by the Student Publications team.
  4. Collaborate with the designer. After submitting the request you will receive an email from the designer assigned to your project. If you have any questions about the design, please feel free to contact them in the email reply chain.
  5. Drafts/Revisions. After a time, you will receive a first draft of your design. If you are happy with the design, the request will be closed out. If not, two additional revisions are permitted, for a total of three proofs. If you are still unhappy with the design, a new request will have to be made and the turnaround time will be reset.
  6. Final Draft Approved, Print and Pick-up. Once the final draft is approved, the requester may request prints of said design. Please provide the quantity and desired size of the print and deliver the appropriate paper to the SP office using the instructions provided on the Printing Page.