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In our continued efforts to be sustainable at all events and meetings for the betterment of our campus and our community at large, IRHC has maintained a growing relationship with Sustainable Campus to further the environmental consciousness of our members as they advocate for residents and work to build communities. One of the best ways to get involved in this process is the Eco-Reps!

The Eco-Reps program focuses on peer education and leadership. Eco-Reps coordinate creative events and outreach materials to increase sustainable practices and knowledge in the residence halls in order to change the norms on campus. Our program works to create a space for dialogue about issues in our society while teaching students about many aspects of sustainability. Therefore, all skill sets and majors are encouraged to apply.
Eco-Reps act as a bridge between Sustainable Campus and the Inter-Residence Hall Council. As members of both a hall council executive board and Sustainable Campus, Eco-Reps are uniquely situated. Eco-Reps have the opportunity to work with a diverse student body to bring information from Eco-Rep meetings back to their hall’s to actively improve the on-campus housing experience and hall programs.

How to Join Eco-Reps

  • Run for election in September for your Hall Council
  • If you miss the election, contact the Eco-Reps at fsuecoreps@gmail.com
  • Not an elected Eco-Rep but still interested in being part of your hall’s Sustainability Council? Talk to your hall’s Eco-Rep to join their Sustainability Council or contact our Eco-Rep’s program directly
  • Both Eco-Reps and residents on the Sustainability Councils are welcome to attend our bi-weekly meetings in Mendenhall 101A
  • For more in depth information, read about the program at http://www.sustainablecampus.fsu.edu/ecoreps

By joining Eco-Reps, students will be able to connect with a community of other first and second year students to learn about the layers of sustainability and how this information can be used to improve Florida State University. Eco-Reps grow from program participation as they take away a deeper knowledge of environmental and community health topics. Eco-Reps also gain a strong support network by attending bi-weekly meetings and form long lasting friendships.


Email any questions to fsuecoreps@gmail.com and follow FSU Sustainable Campus on social media!