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Executive Board Applications Due:
---> for Director and AD: Monday, February 19th, 2018 at 11:59pm
---> for ADF and ADR: Monday February 26th, 2018 at 11:59pm

Elections for the 2018-2019 IRHC Executive Board will take place in the Student Services Building (SSB) 203 at 8:30pm:


Director and Associate Director on Monday March 5th, 2018

Assistant Director of Finance (ADF) and Assistant Director of Relations (ADR) on Monday, March 19th, 2018


To learn more about ways to get involved with IRHC, please contact the IRHC Executive Board or your specific Hall Council. Follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date regarding upcoming programs.


Position Descriptions
President: Presidents serve as the heads of each Hall Council, working closely with the Hall Council advisor to set the agenda for and preside over meetings. Through this, they help establish the trajectory of the Hall Council. They are also in charge of delegating responsibilities to other hall council members, completing End of Month reports, appointing residents to committees as needed, and attending one Board of Directors meeting per month.

Vice President: Vice Presidents are responsible primarily for fulfilling the duties of the President in their absence and representing their Hall Council to the rest of the campus community. They represent and vote on behalf of their Hall Council at the IRHC Board of Directors meetings, which take place every Monday night at 8:30, serving as a liaison between their Hall Council and the IRHC executive board. They also collaborate with other campus partners to advocate for the needs of their community and take the lead on advocacy initiatives. Depending on the size of the halls represented, a hall or complex may have one or two Vice Presidents.

Treasurer: Treasurers work closely with the Hall Council advisor to create and maintain an accurate budget for the Hall Council. They are responsible for all funds, receipts, and reimbursements for costs of programming or other hall enhancements made by the Hall Council. They must also create and submit a monthly financial report, present monthly budget updates to the rest of their Hall Council, and take the lead on auditing and ordering supplies for the front desk.

Secretary: Secretaries are responsible for keeping official records of Hall Council meetings and programs. They take and distribute minutes from Hall Council meetings to other members and keep an accurate attendance record of Hall Council functions. They are also responsible for creating and distributing marketing materials for Hall Council programs in collaboration with the Historian for their hall, sending social media updates to IRHC’s Assistant Director of Relations, and taking the lead on Homecoming planning.

Historian: Historians are responsible for keeping a photographic record of all Hall Council events and programs. They document events and achievements through photos and videos and are responsible for sending photos to IRHC’s Assistant Director of Relations, compiling a hall scrapbook at the end of each semester, and maintaining a hall bulletin board. They are also responsible for creating and distributing marketing materials for Hall Council programs in collaboration with the Secretary for their hall.

Eco-Reps: Eco-Reps are responsible for creating and coordinating sustainability initiatives and education projects within their residence hall. They must also attend and report to their Hall Councils on bi-monthly meetings with Sustainable Campus in addition to their Hall Council meetings and work with Sustainable Campus on campus-wide sustainability projects.