Hispanic/Latinx STUDENT UNION



2019-2020 Goals

Transparency & Awareness

  • Post Executive Board Meeting Minutes on website

  • Allow FSU Student Body to attend Executive Board meeting

  • Hosting monthly town halls to discuss HLSU performance and Latinx issues

Professionalism & Networking

  • Connecting students with Alumni through the creation of a Hispanic/Latinx Alumni Association

  • Create a Latinx Leadership Institute to explore topics of professionalism and career readiness within our community

  • Expand our influence within the Florida Latinx Hispanic American Student Union, a statewide student-led initiative

  • Foster a relationship with the Latinx Faculty Network and the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Department

  • Promote Latinx Excellence on FSU’s campus and the surrounding community

Community & Education

  • Partner with the local Latinx community (local Latinx restaurants, businesses, etc.)

  • Educate campus departments/partners and what HLSU does and who we are

  • Foster positive relationships with our Affiliate organizations

  • Expand current and future Affiliate organizations