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Posted 4/17/17 · Programming Director

Posted 4/17/17 · Community Relations


SGA Application must be completed here by May 01, at 5 p.m. As well as the Supplemental Application>> Interviews will be scheduled later.




Bienvenidos a La Familia!


Hello Seminoles,

On behalf of the Hispanic/Latino Student Union, we would like to welcome you to join our amazing Familia. We are excited to meet you and create memories together. We are proud to serve the student body as one of the five agencies on campus and we look forward to sharing our culture and heritage with the rest of the FSU community. 

The Hispanic/Latino Student Union prides itself on being an open and diverse group, available to every student on campus. As an agency, all Seminoles are members of the HLSU. We encourage you to get involved and find out what we have to offer! 

Make sure to come by our office 'El Centro' on the second floor of the Union in room 212 to learn more about the agency and ways to get involved. Keep Calm and Join La Familia!



The HLSU shall serve as an institution dedicated to unifying, informing, and serving the Hispanic/Latino community at the Florida State University (FSU) and Tallahassee community. The HLSU will function as an educational and cultural learning instrument for all students, faculty and staff. It shall provide a centralized coordination of resources and services for the Hispanic/Latino community. The HLSU shall serve as a nucleus for a network with other national institutions and organizations to improve the opportunities and living conditions of the Hispanic/ Latino community. It shall be open and accessible to everyone thus providing a liaison between FSU and the Tallahassee community.