Hispanic/Latinx STUDENT UNION


Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Institute

About Us

The Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Institute (HLLI) is a 6 week program in the Spring Semester that focuses on community building, personal leadership growth, and empowerment. Throughout these 6 weeks there will be a series of workshops, activities, and educating that will allow participants to learn more about the Hispanic/Latinx identity and the way this identity interacts with leadership and professional development. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Institute (HLLI) is to provide professional and personal leadership growth for Hispanic/Latinx students through the continued use of educational sessions, peer mentoring, and impactful experiences that will serve to inspire the student body at Florida State University and the surrounding Hispanic/Latinx community. Throughout the course of HLLI, students will be encourage to serve as active and engaged leaders that will provide cultural and professional insight to the Florida State community. The values of HLLI shall be embedded with the values of the Seminole Creed, with a focus on harnessing Hispanic/Latinx excellence and creating diverse spaces for voices of every background to be heard.

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