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Resource for Travel Allocations Committee


The Resource for Travel Allocation Committee (RTAC) is a Fund Distribution Committee sponsored through Student Government Association. RTAC allocates funds to recognized student organizations (RSOs) who travel for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, or service trips. RTAC helps to pay for things like registration, car rental fees, mileage, lodging, and food.


Aniqua Hendricks

Stevie Spear Jr.

Email: scs15g@my.fsu.edu



RTAC Funds Currently Available: $0


RTAC meeting dates for the semester:

RTAC does not meet in the summer. RTAC funds are only available in the fall and spring semesters. Please contact SGA Accounting with any questions.



RTAC Funding Request Qualifications

Is your organization ready to request RTAC funding? Check below to find out.
The organization is a Recognized Student Organization
At least two members of the executive board are SGA financially certified here >
There are quotes prepared for the item(s) and/or service(s) being requested.
Your Authorized Signature Form has been turned into SGA Accounting here >

Requesting RSO’s:
Please note that RTAC requests follow SGA Accounting guidelines, and strictly adhere to the SGA Financial Manual. Most travel purchases require at least 30 days prior to the trip, if not more, to process.


Once your documentation is submitted, if your organization has submitted all the qualifying documents, you will be contacted by the RTAC Chair for your RTAC Hearing. Please make sure you provide 3 supporting/competitive quotes for each item requestion and PRINTED email correspondence where applicable so that PAC may effectively and accurately evaluate your request during your scheduled time. Please bring 8 PRINTED copies of these quotes and any email correspondence with you to the meeting. Business casual attire is requested.



RTAC Funding Request Process

Follow the steps below to request funding from RTAC. Additional steps may be required.

Review the RTAC Policies and Procedures here >
Submit the RTAC request here >
Attend the RTAC meeting noted to the organization by the PAC Chair (MANDATORY)
The evaluation form must be completed and returned within 15 days after the trip