William Cutts




William Cutts, TLI Class of 2017


The Transfer Leadership has allowed me to develop and enhance my leadership, networking, communication and organization skills. Each week of attending meetings for TLI has helped me grow in various ways that have allowed me to get involved and showcase my abilities in other organizations on campus and my personal life. I got involved in Homecoming with the support of the Transfer Leadership Institute and I used the skills that I learned to shine in my group interview and display my work ethic during my time in Spirit Force. I also have the prestigious honor of “wearing the stripes” and serving as a 2018 Orientation Leader. In summation, the Transfer Leadership Institute was a major catalyst in my success at Florida State University and I am thankful for its contributions to my life.

Kristin Hoefer Fall 2018 Participant


“I did not know what to expect prior to joining the Transfer Leadership Institute, but TLI has exceeded my expectations in a positive way. It was my first semester at Florida State, so meeting others that are in the same situation is a comforting experience. TLI eases your transition to FSU as well as helping you develop interpersonal, professional, and overall life skills to succeed in college and life after you graduate. You spend so much time with your peers in this group so it’s inevitable that you will make strong connections. I found some of the most genuine, selfless people that helped me overcome a hard point in my life. I am so grateful to have joined TLI to meet some wonderful people and have great experiences. The retreat at the FSU Rez where we had team building exercises that was really fun! We got to learn a lot about each other and it became a very eye-opening experience. Do not miss out on a chance to be a part of the TLI family, it will be one of your most memorable experiences at FSU!”

Ben Meyerson Fall 2018 Participant


"The reason I love the Transfer Leadership Institute is because it is the best way to transition into FSU life. My favorite part was the mentor program, I met my roommate through this program and a lifelong friend. This program can teach you so much about Florida State and can give you great memories. This program is amazing for any student who transfers to FSU.”



Katherinne Peralta Fall 2018 Participant


"My name is Katherinne Solange Peralta and I am 21 years old. I am an international student from Nicaragua. I am in my junior year pursuing a degree in Digital Media Productions with a minor in Film Studies. Last year I transferred from a film school in Miami to FSU. As both an international and transfer student, TLI helped me to grow personally, professionally, and academically. In TLI I developed existing leadership skills and learned new ones. During my time in TLI I made great connections and close friends that are a part of my FSU experience. TLI made a significant impact on my college experience and I am so thankful for that."