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Student Body Treasurer



Student Body Treasurer: Madeline King

Elected by the student body, the Student Body Treasurer approves all activity and service fee expenditures and shall have all the powers and duties granted to him or her by statute.


Office Hours:


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The Student Body Treasurer, an administrative support office, oversees the expenditures of A&S funds and stresses fiscal responsibility.


The primary goal of the Student Body Treasurer is to develop a positive working relationship over the budget year with the director of financial officers of each executive agency, bureau, and funding board so that together we can ensure the responsible expenditures of our student funds.


Past Student Government Treasurers At Florida State University Student Government Association


2023-24 - Adam Bowling
2022-23 - Brandon Louis
2021-22 - Christian Hall
2020-21 - Christian Hall
2019-20 - Caleb M. Dawkins
2018-19 - Omar Pimentel
2017-18 - Alfredo Cortez
2016-17 - Lee Gibson
2013-14 - Jorge M. Rendon
2012-13 - Blake Kurleman
2011-12 - Carl A. Sharpe
2010-11 - Keturah A. Brown

2009-10 - Dayana Bernavil
2008-09 - Kelly-Ann Fasano
2007-08 - Courtney Laster
2006-07 - France Francois
2005-06 - Sarah Rodriguez
2004-05 - James Walter Doyle
2003-04 - Ozzy Cuan
2002-03 - John Rothermel
2001 - Melanie (Shoemaker) Griffin




Office of the Student Body Treasurer


Deputy Treasurer

The Deputy Student Body Treasurer shall report directly to the Student Body Treasurer. This official will advise, assist, and follow the Student Body Treasurer on financial actions surrounding the Executive Branch. They shall also support the roles and responsibilities of the Student Body Treasurer in their absence.







Budget Analyst

The Budget Analyst shall be responsible for assisting the Student Body Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer with financial projects and miscellaneous activities, as well as assisting the Executive Branch with any financial concerns. The Budget Analyst shall also serve on any financial committees, at the request of the Student Body Treasurer.

Executive Internship Positions (8-10)