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Supervisor of Elections:
Spencer Greenwood

Office Hours:



The Supervisor of Elections is responsible for overseeing all SGA elections. The Supervisor of Elections is appointed by the Student Body President with consent from the Student Senate. The Supervisor of Elections is responsible for ensuring election integrity, upholding and enforcing the Election Code, and is the Chair of the Elections Commission. For any questions, please send an email to the email shown above.








Deputy Supervisor of Elections:
Andres Cubillos

Office Hours:

Deputy Supervisor of Elections:
Ashley Allen

Office Hours:

New Changes to 2022 Election Code

Bill 74

Bill 77

Bill 78

Bill 80

Bill 82

Bill 83

Bill 84














EC Board:
Corey Adamyk
Nicholas Concilla
Kelvin Ready
Mackie Taranto
Khamisi Thorpe

Carter Pope
Hank Thompson