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Student Body Attorney General















Khamisi H. J. Thorpe

The Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the Student Body President. The Attorney General is tasked with several statutory duties but also may execute other responsibilities of the Executive Branch as ordered by the Student Body President. Per Student Body Statutes the Attorney General’s duties include:


  1. Conduct Statutory Revision - §100.1
  2. Review Forms changed by the Senate Internal Affairs Committee - §307.3 - C
  3. Review Proposed Constitutional Amendments – §402.1 - B
  4. Review bills passed by the Senate – §402.2 - A
  5. Represent the Student Body Supervisor of Election – §708.3
  6. Ensure compliance with the Election Code – §§711.2 & 711.4 – D




Office Hours: Coming Soon


Attorney General Goals:

  1. Form a taskforce to review the Student Body Election Code (§700).
  2. Create and maintain a written manual for executing the duties of the Attorney General’s Office.
  3. Establish a permanent taskforce consisting of law students, and the Attorney General to review legislation in progress and advise the Senate on ways to ensure enforceability.



ag seal













Seal of the Student Body Attorney General

The Seal of the Student Body Attorney General was created by Execuitve Order # which stated: "The Seal of the Student Body Attorney General was created by Executive Order 2 which stated: "That all books, papers, documents, and records in the Student Body Attorney General's Office, may be copied and certified under seal and the said Attorney General shall cause a seal to be made and provided for their office, with such device as the President of the Student Body shall approve.""


The Seal was designed to include Lady Justice, a blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales. This is a common symbol on courthouses in America and inside some court rooms. She symbolizes fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, favor, greed, or prejudice. Lady Justice originates from the personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as Iustitia or Justitia after Latin: Iustitia, who is equivalent to the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike.




  • The blindfold represents objectivity and impartiality, that justice should be meted out without fear or favor, regardless of money, wealth, or power.
  • She holds scales to represent the weighing of evidence, evidence must be weighed on its own merit.
  • The sword represents punishment, signifying that justice can be swift and final.
  • She holds the sword below the scales to show that evidence, weighted on its merit in a court of law, comes before punishment.