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Pride provides students with several ways to engage with the LGBTQ+ community. We have several committees, volunteer opportunities, and a leadership program available during the Fall and Spring semesters. Learn more about our involvement opportunities below.


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Pride U-Fellows Program
The Pride U-Fellows Program is a two-semester long LGBTQ+ leadership and empowerment program. Participants meet every week to develop solutions to issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. Pride U-Fellows also have the opportunity to mentor LGBTQ+ students in local high schools. Applications are released at the start of each Fall semester. For more information, email



Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee creates content to circulate on Pride Student Union’s social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. Additionally, this committee assists Pride’s Public Relations Coordinator with developing social media campaigns as well as scheduling posts about Pride’s events. The goal of this committee is to provide students opportunities to write and curate content relating to LGBTQ+ media and communications. For more information, contact


Political Action
The Political Action Committee engages in political activism to advance LGBTQ+ rights on and off campus. Activities include contacting representatives to discuss LGBTQ+ legislation, organizing protests and boycotts, and hosting town hall meetings. The goal of this committee is to show students how to participate in grassroots activism through direct action.


Members of the Events Committee assist in running Pride’s events smoothly and professionally. Tasks include preparing and serving food, decorating event spaces, creating presentations and developing ideas for programming. This committee allows students to learn and practice event planning and collaboration skills. For more information, contact


The Resource Committee collects, assembles and distributes LGBTQ+ information to the Tallahassee community. Committee members create collateral (pamphlets, guidebooks, etc.) and digital content relating to LGBTQ+ legislation, education, health, media and history. The aim of this committee is to compile resources on LGBTQ+ topics and share them using concise and inclusive language. For more information, contact


Pride volunteers work in shifts to keep our LGBTQ+ Resource Center (known as the Pride Center) clean and safe. Volunteers give tours to visitors in the Pride Center and ensure that visitors and fellow volunteers abide by the Pride Center’s guidelines. Volunteer applications open at the beginning of each semester. If you’d like to volunteer with Pride, contact


The Center

We are located on the fourth floor of the Thagard Building while the Union is under construction. For more information, please email the Executive Director at