Official Seals

All materials printed in Student Publications must have The SGA seal and must be at least 1/30th the size of the publication.


The university uses two official fonts – PT Serif and Roboto. While use of these typefaces when developing creative for campaigns (flyers, etc.) is not strictly enforced, it’s preferred that official campaign communication from all departments, colleges, etc. make use of these fonts to support a unified brand appearance.

The brand approved fonts were selected because of their adaptability across digital formats and in print.



While using the exact brand colors may not appear important at first glance, it’s an essential element of a marketing campaign or specific project. Using the recommended colors within the brand approved color palette amplifies the university-wide communications efforts and invokes consistent visual identity. See the official Florida State brand colors below for reference.

These colors are adaptable to most uses across all forms of print and digital communications.


Gold (Flat)

Gold (Metalic)
Printing: Pantone Inks 202 C/202 U * 4525 C/4525 U * 872 C Metallic Gold
Printing: CMYK 9, 100, 64, 48 9, 12, 47, 18 Not Applicable
RGB 134, 38, 51 197, 183, 131 Not Applicable
Hex #862633 #C5B783 Not Applicable
Licensed Products 202 C Match
TCX 19-1650
4525 C Match
TCX 14-1025
872 C Match

  1. for ink embroidery, plastics, etc.
  2. for textiles, see flat gold
  3. there are no metallic fabrics

* Use coated paper whenever possible for best match. Uncoated paper will result in a dulling of color because of ink absorption.

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