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Positions for the Cavallaro, Johnson, Rendon Administration

Current Open Positions

Attorney General

Office of Elections:
Supervisor of Elections


Black Student Union

PRIDE Student Union

Treasurer – The Treasurer is in charge of all Pride finances. The Treasurer shall monitor the budget and update the board regularly on the status of our finances. The Treasurer shall also author all purchase orders and communicate with the accounting office. The Treasurer needs to be extremely organized and fiscally accountable. The Treasurer shall accompany the Executive Director to all budget meetings with the senate (this includes budget and sweepings hearings). Knowledge of SGA budget proceedings and processes are recommended but not necessary. The Treasurer must be confirmed by the SGA Senate.

Secretary –The Secretary shall take minutes during every board meeting, create and update bylaws, maintain a file containing the minutes of all past meetings, and distribute meeting minutes in a timely manner. The Secretary needs to be extremely organized and diligent of meeting deadlines. The Secretary is required to keep a record of Pride event attendance throughout the year in order to track organizational growth including membership on Nole Central. The Secretary shall organize and maintain the LGBTQ Resource Center Library and Media Room.

Programming Coordinator – The Programming Coordinator shall create, plan, and ensure the smooth running of Pride events outside of the Center. Successful candidates will have some prior experience with programming and event planning, as well as a desire to create interesting and dynamic events for members of Pride and the larger campus community. This position will also be responsible for organizing General Body Meetings. The Programming Coordinator is responsible for the timely submission of all event permits, food permits and will also be in charge of room reservations.

Public Relations Coordinator – The Public Relations Coordinator will send press releases, maintain all social media outlets for the Agency, and maintain listservs. This position requires decision-making skills, respect for confidentiality of information, and a savvy social media philosophy. They will attend other agency and affiliate General Body Meetings to publicize the organization and events, and need to ensure that the agency is aware of all campus events especially those of other agencies. They will also coordinate Market Wednesday and other various tabling events. They will need to be comfortable addressing large groups of people and efficiently delegating tasks.

External Affairs Coordinator – The External Affairs Coordinator will work closely with the coordinators of other agencies and organizations. They will need to attend planning and executive board meetings of other organizations to create/maintain relationships with them. They will also be planning and hosting co-sponsored events with other agencies and student organizations. This position will need to work closely with the Programming Coordinator to collaborate on scheduling of events.

Political Action Coordinator – The Political Action Coordinator will need to publicize involvement opportunities for student participation, hold events that pertain to and advocate for LGBTQ+ concerns, act as a liaison between Pride and community stakeholders (i.e. PFLAG, Big Bend, Family Tree, etc.) and organize at least one (1) community service event (i.e. The BIG Event, Relay for Life, etc.) and one (1) fundraising event each semester. They will coordinate HIV testing with University Health Services in the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Women Student Union

All Executive Board members are expected to uphold and project a positive image of the Women Student Union to the community. Each person will serve as a voting member of the Executive Board and work closely with other members of the Board.

Director (Appointed by Presidential Administration)
Assistant Director (Appointed by Presidential Administration)

Director of Finance
• Work with the Director to manage financial matters of the agency.
• Must be willing to undergo financial certification with the SGA Accounting office.
• Coordinate a minimum of three fundraising events per semester. Monies funds raised will be distributed at the discretion of the Executive Board.
• Submit a monthly expenditure report to the Student Body President.
Assist the Director in creating the annual budget proposal.

Director of Administration
• Record minutes at all Executive Board meetings and relay the information to the Board, Advisor, and Student Body Vice President.
• Submit and confirm room reservations for events, programs, workshops, and meetings.
• Handle necessary permits and contracts for events and programs.
• Manage the Women Student Union calendar and OWL calendar. Work with Public Relations to make sure that the most accurate calendars are posted on the official SGA website and are posted in the Women’s Center.

Public Relations Coordinator
• Work closely with the Historian and Student Publications to design flyers and banners for events and programs. This person will maintain the social media sites (WSU Website, SGA, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts) and work to market the agency through innovative ways.
• Write, recruit writers for articles, and edit “The Voice,” which is the Women Student Union newsletter and publish it on the website at least twice a semester. This person will work with the Director to prepare the State of the Center address, which will be presented to the Student Senate at each month’s first Senate meeting. Additional responsibilities include working with the Director and Assistant Director to assist with any writing to market the agency.

Membership Coordinator
• Work with the Director and Assistant Director to plan the fall semester retreat for the Executive Board.
• Responsible for tabling with committee members during Market Wednesday.
• Find alternative ways to actively recruit members and work with the Assistant Director to manage recruitment outreach.
• Manage a committee of students to plan General Body Meetings that will occur once a month.
• Plan social events each semester for members and students at Florida State University, including Summer C for incoming students.
• Be well versed on resources for women on campus.

OWL Coordinator
• Manage the Organization of Women Leaders and the affiliation process.
• Create and manage a database with contact information for on-campus organizations devoted to issues relating to women.
• Update the bulletin board with information from OWL affiliates. Include the organizations’ meetings and events on the OWL calendar that will be posted in the Women’s Center and on the website.
• Work with the Director and Assistant Director to hold meetings each semester with the leadership of the OWL organizations.
• Attend various events or meetings of other women’s organizations to create relationships with women-centered recognized student organizations.

Political Actions Coordinator
• Research on-campus and local events, national initiatives and issues, and other important political matters pertaining to women.
• Publicize political involvement opportunities for active members and students to participate in.
• Hold bimonthly events that are publicized to students to advocate for the rights of women. If possible, coordinate events around local and national movements.
• Work with the Political Actions Committee and other organizations on campus to advocate for women’s rights.

External Affairs Coordinator
• Make the Women Student Union presence known on campus through strategically selecting specific FSU activities for the Executive Board and members to participate in.
• Monitor the participation and organize the Women Student Union involvement for FSU activities.
• Having prior community service experience is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
• Organize and provide community service opportunities to members once a month.
• Provide members the opportunity to be involved in a mentoring program for young women in the Tallahassee community.
• Manage the Community Service Committee of students that are active in volunteering and the mentor program.

Women’s History Month Coordinator
• Develop programming events for Women’s History Month to take place during the Month of March.
• Find co-sponsorships for programming events with women-centered organizations and departments
• Attend various events or meetings of other women’s centered organizations and campus departments to develop relationships
• Serve as the chair of the Women’s History Month planning committee

• Document all Women Student Union events through photography and/or video.
• Work with the Public Relations Coordinator to upload the pictures and/or video of events to social media sites.
• Work with the Public Relations Coordinator to create marketing materials such as banners, posters, or flyers.
• Create a scrapbook or photo-book at the end of the Executive Board’s term.

Executive Board Supplemental Application 2014-2015 Download

Veterans Student Union
Assistant Director


Center for Participant Education

On March 27th, we will be holding an election for the next Director for CPE! The rest of the Eboard will have a separate election in early April.

We are currently taking applications for every position on the Eboard.

Director (Paid)
Assistant Director (Paid)
Class Coordinator

If you are interested please send an email to fsucpe@gmail.com containing answers to the following questions by March 26th.

1. Have you been involved with CPE previously?

2. What experiences have you had that may help you with your position at CPE?

3. Which position are you most interested in?

If you don’t get your preferred position would you be interested in running for a different position?

4. What would you like to accomplish with your position in CPE?

5. Make up your own question and answer it. Have fun with it!

We are looking for a membership director for our executive board! If you are interested please contact fsucpe@gmail.com to get involved!

Inter-Residence Hall Council
Assistant Director

Office of Governmental Affairs
Director Applications for Director Position is Due by 12 p.m., April 16th
Deputy Director
Internal Assistant Director

Office of Servant Leadership
Assistant Director

Office of the Student Sustainability Initiative
Assistant Director

Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors
Editor and Chief of the OWL
Director of Outreach and Relations

*Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Vice Chair
Director of Alumni Relations
Director of Campus Partnerships
Director of Marketing
Director of Programming
Director of Publications
Director of Start-ups

Leadership Programs

Freshman Leadership Institute

Transfer Leadership Institute

Class Councils

Sophomore Class Council
Vice President

Junior Class Council
Vice President


Clerk Spring
Arts and Sciences Seat 1 Fall
Business Seat 1 Fall
Business Seat 1 Fall
Business Seat 4 Spring
Criminology and Criminal Justice Seat 2 Spring
Engineering Seat 2 Spring
Graduate Studies Seat 5 Fall
Graduate Studies Seat 7 Fall
Graduate Studies Seat 8 Spring
Graduate Studies Seat 9 Fall
Graduate Studies Seat 10 Spring
Graduate Studies Seat 11 Fall
Graduate Studies Seat 12 Spring
Graduate Studies Seat 13 Fall
Graduate Studies Seat 14 Spring
Graduate Studies Seat 15 Fall
Motion Picture, TV Recording Arts Seat 1 Fall
Nursing Seat 1 Fall
Social Sciences Seat 1 Fall
Special Student Seat 1 Fall
Undergraduate Studies Seat 3 Fall
Undergraduate Studies Seat 15 Fall
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