Executive Cabinet 2014-2015

Secretary of Academics: Vacant

is in charge of creating and maintaining all projects and initiatives that concern partnerships with colleges and academic departments, research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and all areas of academic life. The office is at the forefront of all academically driven goals of the administration.


Secretary of the Arts: Vacant

is responsible for advocating for the College of Music, College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance, and the College of Motion Picture Arts on the University level. This office is responsible for bringing these areas of campus closer to SGA and vice versa. Additionally, the Secretary will generate positive programming to highlight the skills and achievements of remarkable students in their respective colleges. Further, the Secretary will focus on any campus beautification projects.


Secretary of Campus Engagement: Vacant

is tasked with building positive relationships amongst the student groups on campus and the Administration. The Secretary will work to gauge student input on SGA from various groups and RSOs, notably building relationships with the faith communities, Greek life, Honor Societies, Athletes, and the numerous RSOs on campus.


Secretary of Community & University Affairs: Vacant

is responsible for organizing SGA to reach out and develop relationships with the greater Tallahassee community. Further, the Secretary shall focus on associations with the University as an institution.


Secretary of Departmental Affairs: Vacant

is charged with keeping consistent communication with all entities of SGA, notably the Student Senate, the Oglesby Union Board and staff, Campus Recreation Board and staff, and the SOAR Board. The Secretary works to foster new initiatives amongst the various facets of SGA.


Secretary of Health & Safety: Vacant

is responsible for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all Florida State University students. The Secretary shall maintain strong relationships with all student health services, Campus Recreation, Seminole Dining, and the Wellness Center.


Secretary of Programming & Service: Vacant

is responsible for all SGA programming from the Administration as well as charged with building relationships with the various service organizations and projects on campus. The Secretary is in charge of connecting students to different programs and leadership opportunities that promote multicultural experiences, personal and professional development, and a productive experience both on campus and beyond. The office works closely with areas of campus including the Center for Leadership and Social Change, the Student Activities Center, etc., to help students stay informed about involvement prospects, while working to constructively expand student participation.


Press Secretary: Vacant

is the spokesperson of the Administration. The Press Secretary is responsible for keeping strong and consistent relations with various media outlets. The Secretary must be familiar with the policies and stances of the Administration and communicate those effectively. The Secretary of Communication oversees all public relations and social media efforts of the administration.