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SCURC is looking for passionate, motivated individuals to join our team! Below are position descriptions. Please complete the supplemental questions for the appropriate position, and include a resume with your application.


*All applicants must complete the SGA application


Officer Positions Available:



One (1) Treasurer shall oversee management of the budget  

  • Assist the Director in managing the budget.
  • Assist the Director in planning and maintaining procedural bylaws operations.

*Knowledge of SGA financial procedures and bylaws necessary!


SCURC Treasurer Supplemental Application Questions


Board Positions Available:


Outreach/PR Chair

  • Responsible for the social media accounts of SCURC, promoting research on campus and in the community
  • Responsible for organizing board members and officers to go speak at Agency meetings in order to raise awareness for undergraduate research
  • Responsible for promoting programming that SCURC has, as well as comparable events held by ONF, CRE, etc.

SCURC Outreach Chair Supplemental Application Questions


Research Remix Chair

  • Responsible for organizing Research Remix events- this includes monitoring the application process, selecting presentations (which will be approved by a majority vote of the board), booking a venue, and organizing food/catering for the event
  • Will work closely with the Outreach Chair to promote Remix events and the application process
  • Expectation of at least 2 Research Remix events per a semester, with help from the Special Events Chair

SCURC Research Remix Chair Supplemental Application Questions


Special Events Chair

  • Responsible for organizing other events that the board deems appropriate to promote undergraduate research. The chair may come in with ideas for events that will be voted upon by the board.
  • Will work closely with the rest of the board to organize events, as well as other Agencies, Departments, and RSOs on campus
  • Will be responsible for booking venue and organizing food/catering for the event
  • Expectation of at least 1 event per a semester, along with advising/helping the Research Remix Chair

SCURC Special Events Chair Supplemental Application Questions


SGA Liaison

  • Will work with SGA to ensure continued good relations with student Senate and continued funding
  • This includes going to student Senate to advocate for SCURC and related research programs
  • Should have some student government experience, or a willingness to learn

SCURC SGA Liaison Position


Travel Grants Chair

  • Will work with the Director to review applications for and decide on travel grant recipients
  • Go to agencies and programs and spread the word that SCURC has these travel grants available for undergraduate students traveling to present their research

*This position does NOT exclude the chair from receiving travel grants- rather, their application will be reviewed by other board members, on an anonymous basis, as needed.


SCURC Travel Grants Chair Supplemental Application Questions


Along with the Application Questions for the position you are applying for, please include with your application a resume, including relevant past experiences, degree(s) being sought, and your FSU GPA.


Email completed applications to (, with the subject line as the position you are seeking. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me!


In Seminole Spirit,

Shauna N. Gillooly
SCURC Director, 2015-2016