Current Officers

John Walker ✩ President
The President, during his/ her year long term, is in charge of conducting officer meetings, general body meetings, and ensuring all necessary information is communicated to members and all likeminded organizations within Tallahassee. He/ she must be the main representative for the club in all official capacities and be the contact for all purposes. The President is responsible for ensuring all necessary administrative paperwork, reservations, certifications, etc. has been completed and issues the duties to officers and members that are appropriate to their position at the time of necessity. Additionally, it is the duty of the President to ensure success in the new President and Vice President by teaching them everything he/she knows to ensure sustainability for the organization.

Mariah Miller ✩ Vice President
The Vice President shall be directly responsible to The President for the administration of the club including acquiring money, bring necessary materials to meetings, planning activities and events, completing administrative paperwork and reservations, and all other tasks deemed necessary by the president. He/she must regularly meet with the President and learn from the President everything involved in the process of how the organization is run; and pairing with that, in the absence or withdrawal of The President, the Vice President shall assume the role of The President. The Vice President is expected to be the liaison among other organizations inside and outside the university and keep our faculty supervisor and founder updated on the club.

Kris Ettman ✩ Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be directly responsible to The President for all financial activities of the club, including fundraising and budgeting, and shall be financially certified with the Accounting Office. The Treasurer shall maintain the integrity of all finances; keep up with all bank accounts including the organization’s account with the SGA Accounting Office as well as the FSU Credit Union; and keep accurate records of all financial transactions, reimbursements, and all things necessary and proper. The Treasurer shall keep a continuously updated list of members that are current on dues and preparing all paperwork necessary to turn in to the SGA Accounting office and funding boards like PAC and RTAC in order to request and receive funds.

Laura Dayle ✩ Public Relations Chair
The Public Relations Chair is responsible for the effective maintenance of the club’s membership through membership tables, information, and unification including promotion of the club, its meetings, social functions, and all other activities. It is expected of him/her to organize tabling during Market Wednesdays, chalking, dispersing fliers weekly, promoting within the FSU Greek Community, R.S.O.s, and other organizations within the community. The Public Relations Chair will work tandemly with the Vice President to submit all designs to Student Publications for upcoming events, general body meetings, and other promotional materials. If the Public Relations Chair needs assistance with said advertising tasks, then he/she shall be responsible for organizing a group of students.

Jordan Clark ✩ Secretary
The Secretary shall be directly responsible to The President for keeping all accurate records for the club including taking the minutes during each General Body Meeting, as well as each Executive Board (Officer) Meeting, as well as at events/fundraisers if needed and distribute necessary information to the appropriate recipients after the event within a timely manner.  The Secretary shall maintain attendance and active members’ rosters, continuously update the club’s Constitution and By-Laws, assist the Webmaster if necessary, and handle any other duties deemed necessary by The President.

VACANT ✩ Historian
It is expected of the Historian to keep a record of the clubs events both written and pictorially and publishing it for the benefit of the club and its members. The Historian is responsible for preserving the existing record and ensuring it’s passing to future generations and coordinating with the President and Webmaster to update social media pages. The Historian shall not only be in charge of keeping a record of photos, but also a record of responses from Troops (written/electronic responses that Troops send to SAM). The Historian must attend all meetings and events and bring his/her camera to take photographs.

Sydney Harrington ✩ Webmaster
Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining SAM’s presence on the Internet by regularly updating SAM’s SGA website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blackboard, etc. He/she must create events, update statuses, upload photos, and keep the public informed on SAM’s recent and future endeavors. The Webmaster must also reply to all messages on the SAM’s social media pages in a professional, timely fashion.

VACANT ✩ Fundraising Chair
It is the responsibility of the Fundraising Chair to organize and implement at least one fundraiser each semester. He/she works closely with the Public Relations chair to advertise for the philanthropy, and shall work closely with the Treasurer where necessary such as when collecting donations. The Fundraising Chair shall also be responsible for soliciting donations from both individuals and businesses, and working on a regular basis to get sponsors for SAM.

Court Diercks ✩ Military Liaison
The Military Liaison is responsible for effective and timely coordination between military organizations/groups and this chapter of SAM (SAM of FSU). He/ she is expected to let military organizations know about SAM of FSU’s upcoming events (etcetera) as well as let our organization know about their upcoming events too. It is not required but highly encouraged that this position is held by a FSU student with affiliations to a military organization at FSU / in Tallahassee (such as Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, CVA, Marine Officer Candidates, etc.). The Military Liaison is also responsible for keeping good contact with Veterans at the state capital and also other Veterans in the community, potentially getting them to come to our events or guest speak at a meeting.

VACANT ✩ Volunteer Chair
The Volunteer Chair will be responsible for organizing different types of volunteer projects within the community (Tallahassee), at the state level, and at the national level. He/she is expected to keep in contact with various agencies and businesses that could focus on helping support Veterans and/or potentially need volunteers to help support Veterans. The Volunteer Chair is in charge of keeping track of community service hours of members and assisting FSU students with filling out ServScript. If/when a volunteer project is organized, the Volunteer Chair shall work with the Treasurer to make sure all paperwork is filled out correctly if SAM is requesting funding from the RTAC funding board.

All positions are for one full year
If/when the position is to be passed to another, he/she shall be responsible for teaching everything he/she knows about running the position to the next elected.
All positions are subjected to orders from the President that are deemed necessary that must be completed when instructed to do so.