9/11 Never Forget Project
Each year, Students for America’s Military holds a memorial to remember the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001. Our purpose is to encourage FSU students to properly remember the anniversary of these terrorist attacks through a series of engaging activities.
Some of these include establishing an American flag memorial right here on Landis Green consisting of 2,977 American flags representing each tragic life lost in the attack. We will also be providing students with the opportunity to plant their own flag and include a written note to a friend or loved one.
Set up for the event will begin at 6:30 AM. The event will officially begin at 9 AM and last until 3 PM.
Anyone interested in helping set up the event can message us through our Facebook page or email us at

During the spring, we team up with ROTC cadets to put on a great fundraiser event. Here, ROTC men and women volunteer to be auctioned off for a date night! It’s always a very fun event, held at Madison Social, which allows us to have the funds needed to send care packages and other supplies to our deployed troops overseas.

The veterans close to home mean everything to us, and we want them to know that they’re not forgotten. This year, SAM will be teaming up with RAWW, the American Legion, and veteran hospitals to reach out to our local community and give back to those that have given their everything for this country. We will be having biweekly volunteer opportunities that will allow our members (and any other volunteers!) to be a helping hand in these veterans’ lives.