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The Reporter

Full Supreme Court Reporter for AY 2022-23

Surge v Turkomer Appeal Decision -23-SP-SC-02

Surge v Turkomer Appeal Decision - Freestanding Signs

Forward v. Abhari, 23-SP-SC-05 (2023)

Kariher v. Puwalski, 23-SP-SC-10

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-08 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-07 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-06 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-04 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-03 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-02 (2023)

Surge v. Turkomer, 23-SP-SC-01 (2023)

SGA Senate v. Bozeman, 23-SP-SC-09

Concerning the Prospect of Unilateral Administrative Removal of a Sitting Senator

Boole v. Greenwood, 22-FA-SC-01

2022-Admin-3 Order of Appointment

2022-AP-02, Abhari v. Forward

FSU v. Abhari, 2023-AP-1

2022 Admin 2 Order of Appointment

2022 Admin 1 Order of Appointment

2021-AO-04 (Funding RSO's)

Advisory Opinion, 2021-AO-03


2021-Admin-1, Order of Appointment


2021Progressive Party's motion to dismiss

2021-CA-1, Rowan v. Executive Cabinet


Student Supreme Court Appeal 11192020

Appeal of Denton v. Daraldik

Villacorta v. Harmon, 2020-AP-6

Villacorta-v-Harmon 11/10/2020

2020-CA-4, Ready v. Daraldik

2020-CA-3, Bynum v. SGA

2020 Admin 8 Order of Dismissal

2020-CA-1-Denton v Daraldik

2020 Admin 6


2020 AP 5

2020 Admin 5

Appeal Related to Culver v. CPE

Election Appeal 4.2020




2020-AP-03 Lynch v. Amplify Movement

2020-AP-02 Culver v. CPE

Advisory Opinion 2020-3

Advisory Opinion -- Frats n' Srats

2020-AP-01 SBA v. COGS

Advisory Opinion 2020-1



Advisory Opinion 2019-11

Advisory Opinion 2019-10

Legacy Party v. Amplify Movement Fall 2019

Advisory Opinion 2019-9

Advisory Opinion Amendment 5

Advisory Opinion Amendment 3

Advisory Opinion for Amendment 4

Dr. Hecht’s Decision regarding SBA v. COGS.




2019-AP-02 Student Bar Ass'n v. COGS.pdf

Memo to T DRISCOLL from A CHONG re SGA Appeal 03.18.19

2019-AP-01 Legacy Party v. Amplify Movement

2019-CA-001 Unite v SOE Order of Dismissal

2019-AO-01 Proposed Constitutional Amendment Review

2018-CA-013 Israel v Pierre, et al

2018-AP-04 Unite v SOE

2018-AP-03Intell.Prop.L.Socy.v.Scriven Order of Dismissal

2018-AO-03 Advisory Opinion on

Campaign Treasury Requirements

2018-AO-02 Advisory Opinion on Supreme Court Powers and COGS Funding Process of RSO's

2018-CA-012 Order of Dismissal

Phi Alpha Delta v. Scriven

2018-AP-02 Order Appointing Temporary Justices and Setting Oral Argument

Grant of Certiorari

Administrative Order 1

Walker Request for Injunction

Election Appeal Letter 2

Order on Remand from Dr Hecht

Appeals Related to Spring 2018 Student Government Association Election

2018-10 NAACP v Singhal, Denial of Certiorari edited

Walker Contest of the Spring Election

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