Identity Nights



Identity Nights are student-facilitated conversations for different identity groups within the LGBTQ+ community. If you are interested in joining an Identity Night or learning more, email our Center Director at

Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Color or QTIPOC is an official FSU Pride affiliate that serves to create a safe and inviting space for queer, trans and intersex people of color in the Tallahassee community. In this safe space, we come together to decolonize our minds, dismantle oppressive systems, support one another and have a good time.


Gender Odyssey
Gender Odyssey (G.O.) is an official FSU Pride affiliate that serves as a transgender and non-binary social group. G.O. is intended to create a safe space for trans and non-binary individuals of college age to meet people, have respectful discussions, and enjoy social activities.


Multi+ Night
FSU Pride's Multi+ Identity Night is a bi-weekly meeting (pun intended) for any and all individuals who are attracted to and/or experience more than one gender! This group serves as a means of networking with other multi-identifying individuals, connecting to multi-centric resources on and off FSU's campus, and providing support to those who experience challenges or difficulties related to being a multi-identifying person. For more information, follow @multinightfsu on Instagram or contact"


Aro/Ace Night
FSU Pride's Aro/Ace Identity Night is for any and all individuals wanting to explore and discuss their aromantic/asexual identity and related topics.


FSU Pride's DisabiliQT's covers the intersectionality of those who are both LGBTQIA+ and disabled. It is our mission to foster community and create connections with those who experience disabilities and queer/trans identities. Follow us on Facebook at @DisabiliQTsFSU.


Out of the House In the Closet (OHIC)
FSU Pride's OHIC is an identity night for any students that may or may not be questioning their sexuality and are not out in certain spaces or settings in their lives.

Queer Femina Perfecta
Queer Femina Perfecta is a night centered around celebrating and building community among between queer womxn and femme individuals.