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Programming Allocations Committee


The Programming Allocation Committee (PAC) is a Fund Distribution Committee sponsored through Student Government Association. PAC allocates funds to recognized student organizations (RSOs) who host events for the FSU community.



Caden Vandermeulen ○ Chair
Ashley Wong ○ Vice Chair



PAC Funds Available: $,6,438.35

PAC will be meeting on Mondays at 7:00 p.m., over Zoom:



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RSOs Requesting PAC Funds

RSOs must be recognized student organizations, have at least two (2) financially certified board members and have submitted the Statement of Understanding Form to SG&A Accounting prior to submitting PAC fund requests. Please note that PAC requests must follow SG&A Accounting guidelines and strictly adhere to SGA Statutes and SGA Financial Manual. All requests must be submitted at least 21 business days prior to the event or activity funds are being requested and have at least three quotes for all purchases. 


Review SGA PAC Funding Policies & Guidelines for RSOs to ensure you have the proper information to apply for PAC funding.


*If you are requesting money for printing services, visit 

You may request money for the blank buttons, sticker sheets, and paper reams, which Student Publications requires you provide to use their machinery. 

Submit your PAC Request prior to noon on Friday to have your completed request heard at the following PAC meeting.

Check your email for information about attending the PAC, Finance, and Senate Meetings

Once your documentation is submitted, if your organization has submitted all the qualifying documents, you will be contacted by the PAC Chair for your PAC Hearing. Please make sure you provide 3 supporting/competitive quotes for each item request.



The evaluation form must be completed and returned within 15 days after the expense or program -->

PAC Funding Breakdown