Participant Testimonies


Caleb Dawkins



Travis Waters, FLI Class of 2019

To encapsulate my experience in the Freshman Leadership Institute, the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson do it best: "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. As a former participant in FLI, I was taught not only how to be an effective leader, but to be a changemaker in every space I enter. To be surrounded by so many amazing leaders within the program, I truly learned the value of interpersonal skills, teamwork, and personal development. My successes and accomplishments today are a direct result of FLI's mission at work! I encourage high-aspiring and passionate freshmen to take part in such a transformative program!












Nastassia Janvier


Nastassia Janvier, FLI Class of 2017

FLI provided me with training that I need as an individual to grow. It taught me to think critically.  It provided me with resources to embrace my flexibility. It taught me that the leader within me has power to do anything I put my mind to.  Great leadership takes social constructs and abandons the status quo because courage and hard work will take you a long way.










Calista Flores

Taylor Walker, FLI Class of 2018

The Freshman Leadership Institute was my first experience with involvement at FSU. After being empowered by workshops that prepared me for student leadership, I was moved to become a facilitator and, in my third year, would be the Assistant Director. In leading a family group and directly mentoring participants, my fondest memories of the program would be construction of networks for participants to access. Through this program, I have met some of my best friends and had the opportunity to invest directly in the future of Florida State’s student leadership.”