Current Events and Initiatives

Past Events

Feb. 11, 2021 - Undergraduate Research in Humanities

- Guest Speakers:
- Grace Robbins - SLC Representative of Classics
- Katelynn Hutcherson - SCURC Research Ambassador
- Meagan McLaughlin - SCURC Research Ambassador

Feb. 9, 2021 - Undergraduate Research in STEM

- Guest Speakers:
- Abdullah Aurko - SLC Graduate Student Liaison
- Ezra Brooker - SLC Representative of Computational Science
- Valeria Burchard - SCURC Research Ambassador
- John Massa - SCURC Research Ambassador

Oct. 29, 2020 - 32304 and Gentrification

- Guest Speakers:
- Nada Hassanein - Social Issues Reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat
- Miaisha Mitchell - local advocate and long term healthcare administrator
- Delaitre Hollinger - Director for National Association for the Preservation of
African-American History & Culture
- Jack Porter - Tallahassee City Commissioner

- About:
- This event was open to the Tallahassee community and addressed the
gentrification of the zip code 32304, where a lot of off-campus students live. The
event was promoted in the Tallahassee Democrat and members of Tallahassee,
alongside students, attended to discuss the impacts of gentrification in their lives
and how COVID-19 pandemic.

Oct. 1, 2020 - Urban Foraging and Farming event

- Guest Speakers:
- Carolina Bances - Market Coordinator at Frenchtown Farmers’ Market, Founder
of Frenchtown Garden Project
- Rachel Conversi - Market Coordinator at Frenchtown Farmers’ Market
- Burgen Schwartz - Coordinator for Frenchtown Garden Project, Coordinator for
Damayan Garden Project
- Alexandra Sandoval - President of VegFSU
- Sol Pomeroy - Food Not Bombs
- Nik Rye - Food Not Bombs, Tally Community Aid

- About:
- The event brought speakers from these organizations to talk about foraging and
farming within the Tallahassee community and connected students with the
speakers to get further involved in volunteering or aiding food pantries,
community produce shares, community gardens, and local farmers’ markets,
which provide fresh and/or free food to the community.




Current Projects

● RSO Spotlight Campaign - weekly social media promotional campaign spotlighting one
Registered Student Organization within the College of Arts and Sciences. Our
representatives find and contact student leaders to gather and promote information the
RSO would like to share.
● Building College of Arts and Sciences’ brand
● Collaboration(s) with College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Student
Leadership Council
● Tabling Mental Health event -
● Collaboration(s) with Student Unions
● Promote and increase accessibility of Noles C.A.R.E. Suicide Prevention on
● Promote and increase accessibility of Office of Investigations and Assessments to
student leaders
● Evaluate and discuss TedXTalk given by former chair Jack Fox Keen
● Contact Joiner Lab on FSU campus about suicide prevention resources
● Research and collaborate with organizations at FSU and the Tallahassee
community about mental health training by police departments in cases of student
mental health crises
● Hold meeting within the College of Arts and Sciences between professors and
students to discuss and destigmatize mental health and self-care resources
● Fundraise on Spark for “Giving Tuesday” to fund research grants, conferences,
scholarships, international study for students in the COAS
● Co-host professional development custom workshops with Career Center
○ LinkedIn profile and resume development workshops
○ ProfessioNole Mentors program
● Keep COAS Director of Media, Communications, and Marketing updated on SLC
projects - promote COAS events and marketing materials, build cohesive brand for
students in COAS
● Create and maintain plan of succession

Past Projects

● Held Undergraduate Research in STEM event
● Held Undergraduate Research in Humanities event
● Held event within SLC to discuss members’ mental health and self-care tips
● Evaluated the effectiveness of Kognito’s “At-Risk Mental Health” and “Drug and Alcohol
Prevention” simulators for students
● Began weekly Instagram takeovers
● Create and promote comprehensive list of RSOs in COAS
● Create and promote 24/7 mental health resources for students
● Create and maintain address book for SLC contacts
● Create and maintain SLC member points system
● Promoted “Great Give” fundraising projects for the COAS
● Participated in and evaluated mental health resources on campus e.g. Mental Health
First Aid, Mental Health Boot Camp, Noles C.A.R.E. Suicide Prevention
● Discussed how to report discrimination on-campus with other organizations and Office of
Investigations and Assessment (OIA) and promote
● Networked with other student organizations e.g. COSSPP SLC, AASU, PSU, BSU,
HLSU, WSU, VSU, Power of We, SCURC, COAS RSOs featured in RSO spotlights

● Held Urban Foraging and Farming event
● Began to contact student leaders and maintain a weekly RSO spotlight campaign on our
social media to bring attention to smaller RSOs in the College of Arts and Sciences and
get students more involved in the College.
● Held 32304 and Gentrification event

● Met with the directors of the University Counseling Center (UCC), Recognizing
Everyone’s Need for Emotional Wellness (RENEW), the Student Resilience Project, the
student chapter for National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), the Local Outreach to
Suicide Survivors (LOSS) of the Big Bend, the Transfer Student Union, and the Student
Disability Resource Center (SDRC). These meetings consisted of facilitating and
developing collaborations between the organizations and conducting future projects.
● Contacted each department’s advisors about mental health awareness and preventative
plans, e.g. PRIDE Allies and Safe Zones Training, UCC Mental Health Bootcamp, and
the Student Resilience Project.
○ Advisors were recommended to share resources in each major’s available
mailing list, e.g. UCC Counseling Center, FSU Psychology Clinic, Center for
Couple and Family Therapy, FSU Victim Advocate Program, Employee
Assistance Program at FSU, Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic, NAMI, Safe
Zone, and SDRC.
● Created an outline for addressing hierarchy of disputes for each respective department,
for each of the freshman/sophomore and junior/senior/transfer student levels, to
communicate effectively with their professors and advisors on any academic or personal