Meet the Executive Board

BSU Ambassadors are responsible for educating local students about the resources and
opportunities that are available for Florida residents. They will work alongside the Admissions
department and the CARE department to serve as tour guides for underrepresented students. (2)

C.O.B.O.L. Directors are expected to conduct monthly addresses with all registered C.O.B.O.L.
organization's leadership to ensure that programming is cohesive and inclusive to involve as
many students as possible. The C.O.B.O.L. Directors facilitate the best schedule to ensure that
we as an agency are working together. (3)

PR & Marketing are expected to be skilled in Photoshop, or any multimedia platform that can
create professional fliers. They are expected to have a flexible schedule to be able to create
quality content. All who apply will be expected to present a portfolio of their work. (2)

Health and Athletics are responsible for all sports related events that include but are not
limited to (Powder Puff games, COBOL Kickball, and the COBOL Olympics) (1)

Alumni Affairs are responsible for facilitating events for FSU’s homecoming and work
alongside the Alumni organizations to create events that will bridge the gap between
Alumni and undergraduate (2)

BSU Historians are responsible for collecting and managing archives, from the past
while also documenting the current works of Black FSU. We expect for applicants to
have experience with photography.

Master Coordinators are responsible for the production and execution of all Black
History Month events in February. This committee will also be responsible for the
production of the annual Bobby E. Leach Scholarship Ball as well as various other tasks
determined by the cabinet. (2)

Membership : is responsible for spearheading all recruitment activities and will oversee
all tabling on campus. (2)

Political Education is responsible for facilitating educational programming and
promotions of educational enhancement whether in regards to politics, academia, or
relevant controversial issues the community faces. (2)

Professional Development is responsible for the Seminole Minority Leadership Institute,
as well as the annual Leadership Summit in Black History Month. Professional
Development will also assign mentors to incoming students through the BSU PALs
Program. (2)

Socials and Events Coordinators are responsible for executing social events in order to
entertain and enlighten the student body. They are in charge of the BSU Pageant,
Bridge the Gap Pep Rally and many more significant events. (2)

Culture and Influence Directors are responsible for the upkeep of social media
platforms and updating the executive board on all things for the culture. The directors
will also be expected to engage with students through social media to update the
executive board of the climate of students' attitudes with programming. (2)


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