The Asian American Student Union is a Student Government Agency belonging to Florida State University. The AASU is currently made up of eleven affiliate organizations (continuing to grow). This includes identity based, major based and multicultural fraternity and sorority organizations. Throughout the year, AASU hosts educational and social events that promote Asian culture to the campus and Tallahassee community as a whole. AASU also promotes awareness of common Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues faced today.


Thousands of students have come to call AASU home. It is a vehicle that allows its members to explore their identity, network, find opportunities, and grow throughout their time at Florida State University. No matter the student’s race, creed or orientation, all are welcome within the AASU family!






Faye Hunt and Rich Sealy co-founded AASU in 1996 to better support the needs of the Asian American students at the school. The name was later changed from Asian Student Union to Asian American Student Union to more accurately represent the student body.











The AASU shall represent the Asian American community at the Florida State University and promote the spread of awareness pertaining to Asian American heritage and culture. AASU will serve to encourage and promote the civic engagement of the Asian and Asian-American community, especially within the student body at the Florida State University. It shall function as an educational and cultural learning instrument for the FSU community, by providing cultural programs and materials, which promote awareness of and appreciation for the various and distinct Asian cultures. AASU shall serve as the nucleus of a network to improve the opportunities and living conditions of the Asian community. To this end, AASU shall represent all registered Asian and Asian American student organizations on campus, coordinate available resources, and serve as a catalyst in protecting the rights and representation of the Asian and Asian-American student body.





















Affiliated Organizations