Well Behaved Rarely Make History



About Women's History Month

The Garnet Hat Society

During the fall of 2007, Dr. Mary B. Coburn, the Vice President of Student Affairs brought together a committee to host, sponsor and collaborate on a university-wide initiative to promote events that celebrate women. Dr. Coburn served as chair the first two years and from 2009-2012, Division of Student Affairs staff members were nominated to serve as chair.


The Garnet Hat Society was created to honor, celebrate and inspire the legacy of the women of The Florida State University. As the events became more widespread throughout campus, and students began having an active role in the organization and participation in events, a collaboration was born.



WHM Today

In 2012, the Women Student Union, an agency of the Student Government Association, had a desire to bring students across campus together to take on more responsibility and lead the month's activities. Honoring the beginnings of the institution (it was chartered as women's school in 1905 after all!), and the rich history of student participation and education of women (in the 1930s, it was the third largest women's college in the nation) the newly formed Women's History Month Committee, spearheaded by the Women Student Union, was formed. WSU hopes to continue working closely with the faculty and staff interested in Women's History Month in order to plan events that spoke to every woman and every person associated with Florida State University.

Today, WHM is a month celebrating our roots in Florida State University and the legacy of strong women, Women’s History Month is about you!


Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Throughout the month we will provide events that surround the idea of “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”. Women throughout history have paved the way for today’s women to speak on a platform of social, economic, and political equality. We will follow in the footsteps of these outspoken women who challenged the status quo. The Florida State University woman is not set in stone because she’s always learning, progressing, and challenging. Together, we will build our character personally and professionally; become the owner of our own political, social, and economic rights, and become a better version of ourselves.