Transfer Leadership Institute


The Transfer Leadership Institute shall serve as the premier leadership organization for transfer students at Florida State University. The Student Government Association shall create the foundation of educational leadership and service. The Transfer Leadership Institute shall strive to create excellent programs for the Florida State University community and inspire future student leaders. Membership into the Transfer Leadership Institute is reserved for those with the utmost potential to be future leaders of our Seminole community.


The Transfer Leadership Institute’s mission is to provide personal, professional, and leadership growth opportunities for ambitious transfer students through networking, programming, and educational experiences that impact the Florida State University student body and it’s surrounding community. The values of this prestigious Institute shall be rooted in the values expressed in Seminole Creed.

FSU Seminole Creed Values


Transfer Leadership Institute

Member Expectations

As a member of the Transfer Leadership Institute at Florida State University, I understand that I am expected to…


Transfer Leadership Institute

Member Skills

As a member of the Transfer Leadership Institute, I will learn some of the following skills…

  1. How to effectively introduce myself and my organization.
  2. How to prepare for a professional interview.
  3. The use of proper table etiquette
  4. Roberts Rule of Order
  5. How to Fundraise on campus
  6. How to be a good leader
  7. Meet your administrative leaders
  8. How to build professional relationships.
  9. How to plan a program or event which may include some of the following:
    1. Program Proposal
    2. Room or space reservation
    3. Select a Date
    4. Marketing and advertisements
    5. Student Activity Requisition (SAR)
    6. Permit submission
    7. Contract process
    8. Order food using Classic Fare Catering by Aramark
    9. Acquire equipment
    10. Schedule staff
    11. How to more effectively use time management.
    12. How to get involved
    13. How to use campus resources at the University.
    14. How to be a better communicator/ listener.
    15. How to be a better public speaker.
    16. How to explain the structure and hierarchy or Student Government.
    17. How to live the values of our Seminole Creed.
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