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William Cutts

















































Name: William Cutts
Position: Director
Classification: Junior
Email Contact: wdc17@my.fsu.edu

Major: Political Science

Interest(s): Reality Television, Dancing, Decorating & Event Planning

What is a movie title that explains your life?: Legally Blonde

Bio: I am William Cutts and I serve as Director for the Transfer Leadership Institute. I am beyond grateful to have been chosen for this position and I cannot wait to give to the incoming Transfer Leadership Institute class what the Transfer Leadership Institute granted to me. The quote that guides my journey of life is: “I look for lessons in every experience. It adds to my leadership abilities.” - Omarosa Manigault. This quote serves a high level of importance to me because I value my leadership abilities and am always looking for ways to enhance and develop as a leader and through our experiences, we are able to develop and we must capitalize on those opportunities every chance we are afforded.


I began my journey here at Florida State University during the Fall semester of 2017 and I have found my new home and community here. There are so many amazing opportunities available at FSU and as students, it is important that we recognize these opportunities and use them to not only help ourselves, but to help others as well. At Florida State, I also serve as the Spirit Force Chair with Homecoming and I am also blessed to have the honor of serving as a 2018 Orientation Leader and welcoming the Class of 2020!


The Transfer Leadership Institute is a ten week program that consists of workshops, presentations, mentor-mentee matching, family groups and committees that all serve the purpose of being the foundation for the transfer students beginning their journey as a Seminole at Florida State University. This program educated me on all of the fantastic resources and organizations we have here on campus and it is one of the main contributors to my heavy involvement here at FSU.


The goals I have during my tenure as TLI Director are: establishing a sense of community for the transfer students at Florida State University, assist the participants in setting goals for themselves and taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals, providing the participants with valuable information on the organizations and resources in which they can engage in both on and off-campus, utilizing family groups and committees to give participants the opportunity to plan various projects and allow them to display and improve their leadership skills and affording the Transfer Leadership Institute participants the unique opportunity to attend this ten week program and find their niche, so they can can work towards their own personal success at Florida State University and the years to come.


When I am not busy with my commitments, I enjoy watching reality television, dancing and listening to old school R&B music. My favorite shows include: Mob Wives, Big Brother and Rupaul’s Drag Race. I am so eager to meet the 2018 TLI participants and I cannot wait to watch you all grow into the incredible leaders you all are destined to be. Go Noles!





















Name: Rhoda Pavrette
Position: Assistant Director
Classification: Junior
Email Contact: Rcp17d@my.fsu.edu

Major: Finance

Interest(s): Food, Traveling, community service

What is a movie title that explains your life?: Freaky Friday

Bio: My name is Rhoda Pavrette and I serve as your new Assistant Director for the Transfer Leadership Institute. I transferred from Miami-Dade College to Florida State University without having any idea of how I wanted to be involved on campus. However, after learning about TLI, I knew that this was something that I wanted to be a part of. I know from first hand experience that the transition from one university to another could be verwhelming. But, as your Assistant Director, my goal is to make that transition as smooth as possible. I anticipate to see you all succeed and achieve great things here at FSU and beyond.




















Name: Caitlyn Shumate
Position: Facilitator of Internal Affairs
Classification: Senior
Email Contact: cns17c@my.fsu.edu

Major: Sport Management

Interest(s): Football and Event planning

What is a movie title that explains my life? Ferris Buellers Day Off

Bio: I am Caitlyn Shumate and I serve as the Facilitator of Internal Affairs for Transfer Leadership Institute. I am thankful for everything Transfer Leadership Institute provided me when I was a participant and I am glad that I was chosen to assist the new group of transfers who want to participate in this program. I hope to give these transfer students the resources and tools to be successful in their transition into Florida State University. I transferred to Florida State from the University of South Florida during my Junior year and I jumped into getting involved right away. I hope to use my experiences from my past year participating in TLI and navigating the campus on my own to help the transition process go a little smoother for the new class of participants. Go Noles!
















Position: Facilitator of Administration
Email Contact:





































Name: Kathleen Patti
Position: Facilitator of Mentors
Classification: Junior
Email Contact: Krp17@my.fsu.edu

Major: Communications and Humanities

Documentaries and Films, Painting, Cheese and National Parks

What is a movie title that explains your life?: Clueless 

Bio: My name is Kathleen Patti and I am new to the
Transfer Leadership Institute. I am very excited to collaborate with this awesome group of young leaders here at Florida State. I transferred to FSU from Jacksonville this past year, and like many of you, have been eager to get involved and participate in
what this university has to offer. As the Facilitator of Mentors, I am excited to help facilitate the support and friendships that this group can depend on. While you begin your journey here at Florida State, my goal is to make sure that you feel welcomed,
help you find the resources you need, and give you the support to reach your full potential.















Student Program Coordinator: Carolyn Harris
Phone: 850-644-48500




If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at floridastatetli@gmail.com