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Peer Mentors


Peer mentors play an important role in the Transfer Leadership Institute. As the “go to” person for each participant, mentors provide students with information, encouragement and guidance as they adjust to their new life as a Seminole.


Through your relationship with your mentee, you will further foster the values of the Transfer Leadership Institute, which include but are not limited to encouraging student development and promoting academic excellence. As a mentor to a recently arrived transfer student at Florida State University, the connection that mentor and mentees foster amongst each other will hopefully be one that inspires our participants to establish and work towards their educational, leadership and personal goals. Mentors should be a reliable and consistent resource of support and inspiration to our participants.  

Mentor Roles

   Promote academic excellence
   Encourage student development
   Share knowledge of campus services and resources
   Help student establish career and educational goals
   Behave as a reliable and consistent resource of support and inspiration


Mentor Requirements

  • Attended Florida State University for at least 2 semesters
  • Have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average

Once selected, mentor obligations are

  • Meet with your mentee at least once a week for one hour.
  • Attend the TLI Mentor Reveal on Tuesday, September 25 4pm - 6pm, location TBD