Student Government Association



Printing Policies/Charges


Who may print?

Registered Student Organizations may print 500 sheets with Student Publications each semester. Check Nole Central to verify that your organization is registered.

We will NOT print for an event if…

  • It promotes fundraising
  • It is held at a private residence
  • It requires an FSU student to pay a fee or donation to attend the event

What are the design requirements?

All materials printed by Student Publications must include the SGA logo at 1/30th the size of the document. Please use the following guides to verify that your logo is the proper size.

image size

Your design will print best if it meets the following criteria:

  • PDF file type
  • 300 dpi
  • Document size is equal to the final print size

What paper is accepted?

For general printing, please provide a ream of Hammermill Premium Multipurpose 24 pound paper, as shown.

This paper is the most compatible with our printer as it does not jam. The paper will need to be provided in its original packaging so that it can be identified as approved paper.








For heavy weight printing, please dull finish cardstock in at 67 lbs or heavier.









For large format printing, please provide a roll of HP Universal 24" Wide Format Coated Paper, either unit number Q1412A or Q1412B.






Where can paper be purchased?

Approved paper may be purchased from one of FSU’s approved vendors such as Office Depot. It may also be purchased online. Student Publications does not sell nor store paper.

What other services are available?



  • Registered Student Organization members are able to use the large paper trimmers in the Student Publications office to trim posters and cut apart handbills.


  • A laminator is available for use as long as 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” lamination sheets are provided.


  • Student Publications offers two sizes of buttons. Registered Student Organizations must provide approved materials and are permitted to use the button cutters and button presses on-site in the Student Publications Office. Approved supplies may be ordered here: