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The Owl is a peer-reviewed publication of research articles written by Florida State University undergraduates. The journal exhibits the intellectual pursuits of outstanding undergraduates, from all academic disciplines, who have sought answers to new questions within their respective disciplines through undergraduate research.


This is a publication of the Student Council of Undergraduate Research and Creativity (SCURC), and is sponsored by the Student Government Association.


This journal aims to educate and promote an inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas through the publication of the research conducted by outstanding undergraduates in the FSU community. Our mission is to provide the university with a printed journal that showcases the heterogeneity of our emerging scholars and establishes undergraduate research at this top-tier research university.


Named The Owl, after the original seal employed from 1851 to 1901 by West Florida Seminary, the journal is anchored in the history of our institution, but showcases our beloved university’s brightest minds of today, with a sharp eye to the future. Just as the name of the journal connects Florida State to its heritage, the image on the cover reminds us of our past and leads us to a promising future as we attempt to inspire the next generation of undergraduate researchers at Florida State.
If you would like to request copies of the Owl, have questions about our publication, or are interested in getting involved but do not know where to start, please email theowlfsu@gmail.com.


The Owl is accepting submissions for papers for the Spring 2018 edition. Submissions are due January 7, 2018. More information can be found at http://journals.fcla.edu/owl/about/submissions. Questions? Email theowlfsu@gmail.com.



Laura Miller - Assistant Director of SCURC/Editor-in-Chief of The Owl


Laura Miller is a senior Studio Art and Editing, Writing, and Media double major and a second year UROP Leader. Her Honors in the Major Thesis researches the benefits of and methods for including writing exercises in undergraduate studio art courses. After graduation, she will pursue a career in academic publishing.










Allison Cantrell

Allison Cantrell is an honors International Affairs and Economics dual degree major in her junior year at Florida State, with a minor in Philosophy of Law. Her current research focuses on understanding the voting results of Brexit. In the past, some of her other research projects have included studying German refugee authors during WWII and working on background research for a micro-finance startup in Uganda. Allison first became involved in research through UROP and currently serves as a UROP 2017-2018 leader. She also serves on the leadership team of BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) and spends her free time at coffee shops around Tallahassee.







Gabriela Maduro

Gabriela Maduro is a third-year student at Florida State University. She is double majoring in History and Editing, Writing and Media and is pursuing a minor in German. Gabriela began her research at FSU as a research assistant in UROP, where she studied the role of troops hired from German states during the American War of Independence. She is currently conducting research through the History Department’s Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, where she processes collections related to Germany and Austria during the World War II and post-World War II period. After graduating, Gabriela hopes to utilize her knowledge of German and her fluency in Slovak to teach English abroad. She ultimately hopes to enter the publishing industry.







Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood

Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood is a third-year psychology major from Tallahassee, FL. He researches moral psychology: how people go about making judgments of good, bad, right, and wrong. His work is advised by Dr. Paul Conway. Broadly, Jacob’s interests—research and otherwise—include normative ethics, statistical modeling, drumming, and fiction writing. After graduating, Jacob plans to continue his research in graduate school before pursuing a professorship.








Kristen Amaya

Kristen Amaya is a senior at Florida State University pursing a degree in Sociology with minors in Spanish and Religious Studies. Kristen became involved in research her freshman year and has served as a research assistant in the Sociology and Communications departments. She is currently conducting her Honors Thesis about varying perceptions of racial inequality, analyzing the influences of race, gender, and social media on perceptions of race relations. After graduation, Kristen plans to pursue a PhD in Sociology to in order to conduct research that she hopes will positively influence social policy. In her free time, Kristen likes to play the oboe, read, and play with her dog and cat.







Sarah Warren

Sarah R. Warren is a junior at Florida State University, where she studies political science and English literature. Currently, she researches judicial politics and constitutional law with the political science department. She is also member of FSU’s Swing Dance Club. Upon graduation, she plans to attend law school and hopes to get her Ph.D. in law.







Shannon Lechon

Shannon Lechon is in her third year here at FSU. She is pursuing a dual degree in Creative Writing and Criminology and minoring in Classical Civilizations and Psychology. She has done research involving cognitive psychology and seventeenth century playwrights. She is very excited to be serving on both the editorial board for the Owl and the Kudzu Review this semester. Post-graduation, she hopes to work in a publishing house as a fiction editor.