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Thank you for your interest in the Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity (SCURC)!


*All applicants must complete the SGA application

*All applicants must complete the SCURC Supplemental application


Travel Grants Chair: This individual is in charge of the promotion and evaluation of applications for our travel grants. They must be able to look over weekly submissions for these awards and present them to the board, along with an overview, for consideration. Additionally, this chair must follow up with applicants at each stage of the reimbursement process to ensure that recipients receive their awards in a timely manner. Occasionally, this board member will provide presentations about conferences and travel grants to interested students, and they will work most closely with the Treasurer and the Outreach Chair for reimbursement and promotion, respectively. 


Creativity Chair: This position is new to the 2016-2017 board and specifically relates to the "creativity" aspect of SCURC's mission. This board member is responsible for engaging with undergraduates and departments associated with creative endeavors, including but not limited to Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Film, and Literature. While a background in one of these areas is preferred for this position, you do not need to be majoring in one of these areas. This chair will work most closely with the Special Events and the Outreach Chair for presentation opportunities and promotion, respectively. 


Special Events Chair: This individual is in charge of the organization, creation, and successful execution of the events SCURC puts on throughout the year. This board member should be especially skilled in networking and communication, as they will work alongside many other members of the board, as well as external partners for events. This chair will oversee the Research Remix events previously delegated to another board member, and will be responsible for seeking out new partners for mutually beneficial events. 


Outreach Chair: This individual is responsible for networking and promotion on behalf of SCURC. This includes event promotion, travel grant promotion, and reaching out to departments and undergraduates about the opportunities SCURC provides. This board member will work with ALL other board members, but will work most closely with the Director of the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URA) and the Travel Grant Chair. A background in communication and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) is preferred, but not required. 


SGA Liaison: This individual is responsible for keeping the board up to date with the happenings of the FSU SGA at large, and keeping SGA informed of SCURC's work. This board member must be available for ALL senate meetings, and should already have some understanding of SGA's internal processes. A background in SGA is preferred, but not required for this position.