Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity


Meet the Executive Board










Ravital (Tali) Goldgof •|• Director of SCURC

Ravital Goldgof is a senior at Florida State University pursuing a degree in French and Political Science. She became involved with research her freshman year as a participant in the UROP program, volunteering in the modern languages department and focusing on the agency of female characters in the Byzantine and Slavic epic Digenis Akritis. She is now working on her Honors in the Major Thesis concerns the interpretation of emotion in four retellings of the myth of Phaedra. After completing her degree, she would like to teach English abroad before pursuing a graduate degree in French literature. She is now excited to serve as the Director of SCURC in order to help students take advantage of the research opportunities at FSU. Contact her at for any questions!















Michael Advent •|• Assistant Director/Chair of Undergraduate Research


David Advent is an honors English Literature and International Affairs double major in his senior year at Florida State. He is currently conducting his Honors in the Major Thesis concerning the intersection between 19th Century British Literature and Geography, specifically looking at how spatio-temporal frameworks are constructed in Thomas Hardy’s novels. After graduating, David plans to pursue a PhD in English Literature, focusing in either Renaissance Studies or 19th Century British Literature. David currently serves as the Chair of the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URA). This year, his goal for URA involves expanding creative forms of undergraduate research and increasing the visibility of SCURC on campus. In his spare time, David explores hiking trails and different coffee shops in Tallahassee.















Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood •|• Assistant Director/Editor-in-Chief of The Owl


Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood is a fourth-year psychology major from Tallahassee, FL. He researches moral psychology: how people go about making judgments of good, bad, right, and wrong. His work is advised by Dr. Paul Conway. Broadly, Jacob’s interests—research and otherwise—include moral judgment, normative ethics, research methodology, drumming, and fiction writing. After graduating, Jacob plans to continue his research in graduate school before pursuing a professorship.










Alexandra Barth






Julia Corday •|• Treasurer


Julia Gorday is in her 3rd year at Florida State. She is pursuing two degrees in Psychology and Classical Civilizations and minoring in Biology and Anthropology. Julia is involved with research regarding suicide prevention, neural biomarkers for anxiety, and stress-management and treatment in. In one of her research labs, Julia also holds the position of Assistant Lab Coordinator to ensure all runs smoothly with participants and the experiments. This year she currently serves as the Mental Health Ambassador for the Honors Student Association, an Honors Colloquium Leader, a UROP Leader and as the Treasurer for SCURC. After graduating she hopes to pursue a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, eventually running her own research lab focusing on Anxiety. This past year Julia has earned a couple research grants and has begun working on her own research project, one step closer!










Luis Andrade •|• Outreach Chair

Luis Andrade is a Biology major in his junior year at Florida State University with a research focus in Alzheimer's centered around providing free, faith-based skills training and support to African-American dementia caregivers. He has completed the UROP Program and now serves as a UROP Instructor for the 2017-2018 school year. Along with working as the Outreach Chair for CELLS and becoming a certified Peer Health Advocate for HealthyNoles, Luis is excited to serve as the Outreach Chair for SCURC and help promote it's many exciting events and resources to student organizations and undergraduates around campus.










Drew Parker •|• Travel Grants Chair

Drew Parker is a second-year student at Florida State University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. His research experience includes studying treatments for anxiety-related disorders and the evolutionary basis of human mating preferences. He works as a Project Manager in one of his labs overseeing longitudinal research. Elsewhere, Drew holds the position of Treasurer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness on campus and volunteers as a Crisis Counselor. His future plans include pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and becoming a clinician.












Chris Jayaprasanna •|• Events Chair

Chris Jayaprasanna is a fourth-year student at FSU pursuing a degree in Biology. He has conducted research with the Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences department on the invasive dispersion patterns of lionfish, as well as with the Human Sciences department on osteopenia in retirees. As Events Chair, he hopes to coordinate engaging and effective events on behalf of SCURC.










Michela Sieman •|• Communications Chair

Michela Sieman is a senior majoring in History with a minor in Italian. Michela will be conducting research with the Medici Archive Project at the State Archives of Florence where she will study women artists in the Renaissance. Elsewhere on campus, Michela is also the President of Phocus Photography on campus, an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Leader, and the founder of her own travel blog, Airplane Mary.








Alexandra Barth


Danielle Krusemark •|• Graduate Liaison


Danielle Krusemark is a second-year student in the Social Psychology PhD program. Her research interests include prejudice and racial identity. As Graduate Liaison, she hopes to set up programs connecting graduate mentors and community nonprofits with undergraduates and a mentorship program specifically for underrepresented undergraduate researchers.






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