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Programming Allocations Committee

PAC Hearings take place Mondays at 7 p.m., unless noted otherwise by the Chair.

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Office Hours: By Appointment

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Programming Allocations Committee (PAC)
Policy and Procedure

1. Organizations which received funds in Student Academic Programs or any other A&S Funding board or committee or line item in the annual budget (with the exception of PAC, RTAC or Senate Projects) shall be ineligible to receive funding from PAC the same fiscal year in which they receive other funding.

2. Every organization must submit a post event evaluation form to the PAC committee within three (3) weeks of the event to the PAC box in the SGA Accounting Office.

3. The Budget Committee Chair may appoint an Ex-officio member to PAC.

4. Fund Distribution Committee shall not meet during any summer semesters.

5. RSOs requesting funds to be used in May or June shall request before the end of the Spring term.

6. RSOs requesting funds to be used after July 1, shall go directly to Senate to ask for money out of Senate Projects. At the conclusion of the summer session, the funds distributed to RSOs out of Senate Projects shall be reimbursed from the respective fund distribution committee via a transfer bill.

7. PAC shall only fund in the Expense, Food, Contractual Services and other (Clothing and Awards) categories. The Committee may not allocate an OCO item for a RSO.

8. All organizations requesting PAC funding must be financially certified prior to making a request. At least one financially certified officer must be present at funding hearing.

9. All submissions must be made prior to 12 p.m. with three (3) supporting/competitive quotes for each category the RSO is requesting funds for, or sufficient evidence, at the discretion of the Chair, of an attempt to find three (3) or more quotes on the Friday before the hearing.

10. PAC will meet on Mondays or Tuesdays during the Fall and Spring semesters.

11. RSOs can only request for funds that will be used within 90 days. A 2/3 vote of PAC can override this rule.

12. All requests must be of a line item nature with quotes (t-shirts costs, performer costs, reservation costs, equipment rental, facility rental, awards, etc.) and a letter of explanation of need attached to the request packet along with an explanation of the benefit to the student body in general.

13. Funding for events that include food must turn in an event flyer, plan for advertising and an estimate of the number of FSU students who may consume the food. The committee shall not fund for events which are likely to only have group members attend and have no general benefit to the student body.

14. Organizations may request t-shirts once per fiscal year. Shirts must be used to promote the organization which is requesting them. Shirts must be of a unit price (including all applicable screening and art fees) no more than $13.00 per shirt. Polo shirts may not be purchased without a 2/3 vote of PAC and may not have a unit price of more than $20.00.

15. Nametags require a 2/3 vote of PAC and no more than five (5) shall be permitted per fiscal year per organization. Nametags will be utilized for positions which represent FSU in a professional nature with high visibility to the non-university community.

16. PAC may fund awards up to a unit price of $35 per award.

17. The information obtained at the PAC meeting will be compiled into a resolution by the committee Chairperson. This resolution will be presented at the next possible Budget Committee meeting and shall only be debated on if there are objections. The sponsor of the resolution shall forward the resolution to the Student Government Webmaster. If no objections are entertained, the resolution shall be forwarded to the Senate and placed on the Consent Calendar.

18. Once on the Consent Calendar, the PAC resolution shall be presented to the Student Senate. Debate on the resolution will only be heard upon an objection to the resolution. In order for an amendment to pass in the Budget Committee or Senate, there must be a 2/3 vote.

i. A one-tenth (1/10) vote is required for an objection to be upheld.

ii. If a one-tenth (1/10) vote of Senate is not reached after an objection to the Consent Calendar, then the resolution shall pass as presented.

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