Office of the Student Sustainability




Office of the Student Sustainability Initiative

What is the Office of Student Sustainability?
The Office of Student Sustainability (OSS) is a bureau of the Student Government Association dedicated to representing the student voice on sustainability issues at Florida State University.
Understanding our role as student advocates, we wanted to take the time to provide further detail on how we intend to do this:


  • Where do we represent the student voice? Our office is the 2nd Floor Union, Suite A224.
  •  Is there a place for students to submit their comments/concerns? What will OSS do with these? Students can contact any of the OSS board members by email with their concerns, inquiries, or even if they are just looking for ways to be involved with OSS! We would love to incorporate any students who want to work with OSS into our team!
  • Why do we represent the student voice? On the most basic level, OSS cares about the social, environmental, and economic well being of Florida State and because of this we representing the student voice to strive to achieve a more harmonious university. Furthermore, by representing the collective student voice, we are accomplishing our goals/mission.

Our goal/mission is to be a vehicle for student motivated change on campus. The Office of Student Sustainability strives to be inclusive, open, and focused on making positive changes on campus. We hope to be a central body that students and RSOs from all across campus can come to with issues they feel are important and, as a whole, work to gather information, collaborate and achieve by making these goals a sustainable reality on campus.


  • What is sustainability?

Sustainability means many things to many people. OSS sees sustainability as meeting people's needs today without jeopardizing the needs of  future generations.
“Is sustainability just about the environment?” Not entirely! Sustainability is the intersection of social justice, economy and environmental protection. The environment plays a major role, but sustainability looks out for people and their livelihoods as well.