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Registered Student Organizations admitted to the 2014-2015 Service Council


Circle K International

Global Peace Exchange
Boys and Girls Club Outreach
National Alliance on Mental Illness FSU (NAMI)

Trafficked at FSU

Progressive Black Men, Inc.


At the beginning of the 2010 – 2011 school term, a new bureau was established through the Florida State University Student Government Association. This bureau, the Office of Servant Leadership, was established to provide support by way of funding and assistance in event planning to service based organizations. Originally Service Corps, this newly established Office’s primary goal is to help service organizations apply for funding in order to make the vision and dreams of that organization become a reality.


To apply for funding through the Office of Servant Leadership, the organization must be:


  1. A registered student organization through the Student Activities Center
  2. The RSO’s president and treasurer (or at least one other member) must be financially certified
  3. The RSO must not have received a line item in this year’s budget


In addition to the above requirements, the most important aspect of all must be that the organizations primary goal must be service based, which benefits the members of the organization and the community as well. If these primary requirements are met by any organization that feels its mission is service based, we urge such organization to apply for funding through our office. If these primary requirements are not met however, but the organization does feel as if its mission is service based, benefitting the members of the group and the community, then we strongly recommend that the organization take the necessary steps to become recognized as a registered student organization, become financially certified, or whatever component may be missing.


For organizations unsure about how to approach becoming a registered student organization or becoming financially certified, we encourage you to reach out to the Liaison of the Office of Servant Leadership, as it is our duty to help you in any way possible when applying for funding. Applications for funding may be requested by emailing mah14n@my.fsu.edu. If any questions should arise about the application process, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the Office of Servant Leadership Executive board. Thank you for your time and we hope you take this opportunity into consideration.


Monthly Updates

For registered student organizations who are admitted into the service council, a monthly report will be due on the last day of every month. The purpose of these monthly reports is to allow the Office of Servant Leadership to see if the organization is continuing programs that are community service based and fulfilling their mission. Additionally, the events listed on these monthly reports allow for the Office of Servant Leadership to provide guidance as to the procedure for getting funding from SGA for future events. The monthly report document can be found on the forms tab of our website.