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Hispanic Heritage Month is a national month that runs from September 15th to October 15th to celebrate our diverse cultures and recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino people in the United States.


La Familia is presenting It's Our Time, Somos El Futuro as our theme for Hispanic Heritage Month 2016. In a country with 55 million Hispanic/Latinos, or 17% of the current population and growing, America's future economic well-being and competitiveness is increasingly contingent on the success of the Hispanic/Latino population. The explosive growth of the Hispanic/Latino population means Latinos are projected to make up 26% of the U.S. population by 2050. As today's Hispanic population tends to be younger than other comparable groups, Latinos literally represent America's future.


The Hispanic/Latino Student Union chose the 2016 HHM theme, It’s Our time, Somos El Futuro, in hope to inform, educate and empower the Hispanic/Latino community to work together across communities, with experts and thought leaders, to become part of the fabric of the American society. If we are to make a meaningful impact, then we must reach higher and broader to work with everyone and anyone who has a stake in the future of this nation.