Hispanic/Latino Student Union



About HLSU

The Hispanic/Latino Student Union strives towards encouraging and enabling the academic, professional, and social success of Hispanic/Latino students on campus. Through strengthening relationships and the cultural development of students on campus, we are able to expand our influence and ensure our growth. 

We are proud to currently serve the Florida State University as one of the largest agencies in the Student Government Association. It is within the Hispanic/Latino Student Union’s (HLSU) mission that every academic year, we aim to “...serve as a nucleus for a network with other national institutes and organizations to improve the opportunities and living conditions of the Hispanic/Latino community.” 

Each academic year, HLSU focuses and explores ways on how we as an agency can reach out to outstanding organizations in order to better serve the Florida State University community. With this initiative in mind, we hope that while creating and planning events and making them accessible to every student in the Florida State University community, we can better educate students on the resources that are readily available to them, while teaching them about the diversity the Florida State University prides itself on.


For more general information, please feel free to email us at HLSU.director@gmail.com

Location & Hours:
We are located on the fourth floor of the Thagard Building

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