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Participant Testimonies


Matilda Von Kalm

"FLI introduced me to all the opportunities FSU had to offer me, which facilitated my active involvement on campus and helped me meet most of my close friends." –Matilda Von Kalm, Fall 2014












Maurice McDaniel

"My FLI experience was filled with good times and valuable lessons. Each week was an opportunity to develop professionally and the friendships kindled inside of the Senate chambers have been amazing. I would not trade my FLI experience for the world." –Maurice McDaniel, Fall 2014











Frances Hanson

"FLI gave me a group of driven individuals to collaborate with who are as interested as encouraging campus involvement as I am. The facilitators were more than helpful and well-equipped to navigate me through my first semester and answer any questions I had about FSU." –Frances Hanson, Fall 2014











Ryan Cote

"The Freshman Leadership Institute is one of the most meaningful experiences you will have at Florida State University. It provides a strong foundation for students to take a hands-on approach towards developing themselves into exception leaders. The program exceeded my expectations and I highly advise any student to consider applying." –Ryan Cote, Fall 2014











David Walsh


"FLI not only helped me learn to be a leader, but also introduced me to some of the most passionate and talented leaders on campus. There's no better way to kick off your involvement career at FSU." –David Walsh, Fall 2014











Brooke Samolee

"FLI was the perfect way to start of my freshman year! I learned about so many opportunities and resources on campus that I might have never heard about on my own. It gave me the tools to further my success on campus and in the professional world, while introducing me to amazing mentors and friends!" –Brooke Samolee, Fall 2014











Jacqueline Faerman


“I applied for FLI with the hope of finding a program that would help me find leadership opportunities at FSU, as well as build on the skills that I had gained in high school. Not only did the program exceed my expectations, but it also helped me to meet other like-minded students I might not have met otherwise.” – Jacqueline Faerman, Fall 2013











Courtney Kantor


“Throughout my search for “the perfect college,” I was on a mission to find a school that is not only an academically strong institution, but also one with a program dedicated to citizenship and public service. FSU's Freshman Leadership Institute has taught me how to effectively communicate, negotiate, and manage conflict all while leading others. Through FLI I've had the opportunity to work outside of the classroom with diverse groups of students, and learned how to connect my everyday experiences with the academic knowledge I’ve gained, allowing me to recognize my talents and capabilities.” – Courtney Kantor, Fall 2013








Nathan Molina


“Experiencing the Freshman Leadership Institute left me with many lessons. Among them are three universally useful traits. 1) A passion for growth. 2) Knowledge of the resources available to a student. 3) Every door open in front of me.” – Nathan Molina, Fall 2013












Catherine Jones


“I remember walking around campus during the first day of my fall semester overwhelmed of what all FSU have to offer. I did not know how or where to even begin my involvement search. I heard about FLI and what it was about. I knew then that that was the perfect program to get involved in. FLI broke me out of my shy shell and helped build the skills I needed to be able to succeed at whatever I did. I met amazing faculty, many of whom I still talk to. I have an amazing FLI family and I love that we all still support each other in whatever we choose to do. The last thing FLI taught me is that leadership comes in many different forms. If it wasn't for FLI I would not have felt comfortable getting involved like I am now.” –Catherine Jones, Fall 2013








Mackenzie Cesar


“Coming to FSU, I had one little idea that meant a lot to me on how I wanted my college experience to run. That idea was to leave a meaningful legacy that would serve as positive inspiration for others. Only thing is I had absolutely no clue where and how to begin. That is what I thank FLI for, they've helped me channel my creative energy, find a small niche on campus, as well as provide the foundation that would allow me to form genuine friendships with a diverse group of emerging leaders on campus. And for that, I thank them.” –Mackenzie Cesar, Fall 2013