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Amanda Dioguardi







Name: Amanda Dioguardi
Position: Director
Classification: Junior
Email Contact: ald15j@my.fsu.edu

Bio: Amanda Dioguardi is a junior at FSU who is a part of the FSU-Teach Mathematics program. She aspires to become a high school math teacher to help mold the minds of the next generation. When not studying, Amanda enjoys ice skating and musical theater. Part of her heart was left in South Africa when she went on a mission trip to the Manaleni Achievement Center during her sophomore and junior years of high school. Amanda is excited to serve as the Director for the Freshman Leadership Institute during the Fall of 2017 and giving back to the organization she learned so much from. She is looking forward to fostering relationships with the next class of Noles!
Campus Involvement:
FSU Honors Association
Phi Eta Sigma
Orientation 2017
Homecoming Delegate 2016










Brunella McCann







Name: Brunella McCann
Position: Assistant Director
Classification: Junior
Email Contact: bdm15b@my.fsu.edu

Bio: Brunella McCann is a junior double-majoring English Literature and Classical Civilizations. After graduation, she hopes to attend medical school and eventually set up her own private practice. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys checking Broadwayworld.com and listening to Lana Del Rey. As a freshman, she participated in the Freshman Leadership Institute herself, and discovered her passion for this organization that inspired her to serve as Facilitator of Operations for the program last year. She is very excited to get to know the new class of ‘Noles and provide everyone with a strong support system that will foster their growth as leaders!


Campus Involvement:
Delta Zeta
Pinto Research Lab
No Bears Allowed Improv Comedy

Garnet and Gold Guides











Kallayah Henderson










Name: Kallayah Henderson
Position: Facilitator of Administration
Classification: Sophomore
Email Contact: Kkh15c@my.fsu.edu   

Bio: Kallayah is currently majoring in Communications. Her primary focus is Advertising. She plans on pursuing areas related to social justice, leadership and environmental sustainability in relation to its effect on those in impoverished neighborhoods. Kallayah began her leadership journey in the Freshman Leadership Institute class of 2016. She is now continuing that journey as a facilitator for FLI, a Resident Assistant and an ACC delegate. In her free time Kallayah likes to spend quality time with her best friends,volunteer in The Center for Leadership and Social Change, and make art. Kallayah hopes that as a facilitator for the Freshman Leadership Institute she can help incoming freshman discover new aspects of their leadership capabilities, which will establish the foundation for their time as leaders here at Florida State and beyond.
Campus Involvement:
Women’s Leadership Institute
Multicultural Leadership Summit student coordinator
Hall Ambassador/ Floor Representative
Resident Assistant
The Center for Leadership and Social Change
Atlantic Coast Conference delegate











Demetrius Winn







Name: Demetrius Winn
Position: Facilitator of Activities
Classification: Sophomore
Email Contact: dtw15b@my.fsu.edu

Bio:Demetrius Winn is currently a Communications Major at Florida State University. He is passionate about human rights (specifically LGBTQ+ rights) and hopes to use a degree in communications to improve the way in which the LGBTQ+ community is represented within media. Demetrius began his involvement with The Freshman Leadership Institute his freshman year as a participant and continued by serving as the Facilitator of Activities his sophomore year. FLI has inspired Demetrius to continue holding positions of leadership in efforts to making the Florida State campus a more diverse and inclusive home for all students.
Campus Involvement:
FSU LeaderShape
PeaceJam Southeast
Pride Student Union
Resident Assistant










Leesa Newbon









Name: Leesa Newbon
Position: Facilitator of Mentors
Classification: Sophomore
Email Contact: lan16@my.fsu.edu

Bio: Leesa is studying political science and entrepreneurship. She plans to utilize her education to start a nonprofit organization that focuses on eliminating illiteracy in low income communities.Leesa began her journey as a student leader by participating in the Freshman Leadership Institute her Freshman year. From there she went on to become involved in many different areas of campus, including the Student Government Association, where she currently serves on the 69th Student Senate. Leesa feels incredibly at home on Florida State’s campus, and she is passionate about making sure that all her fellow students feel the same. As the current Facilitator of Mentors Leesa hopes to connect students with individuals who will positively affect their college experience, and ultimately their lives.
Campus Involvement:
Black Student Union
Power of We
Student Senate
Resident Assistant
Women Student Union











Alyssa Schubert













Name: Alyssa Schubert
Position: Facilitator of Operations
Classification: Senior
Email Contact: as14aa@my.fsu.edu

Bio: Alyssa is majoring in biomathematics with a minor in environmental science and policy. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in environmental engineering and eventually work in the intersection of environmental and social justice, as she is passionate about the relationship between the two. While Alyssa has not participated in FLI previously, she has had several friends do so and is excited to be part of such an impactful experience. She serves her campus and community as a Service Scholar, through which she is a volunteer for various agencies focusing on environmental health, persons with disabilities, or youth development. In her free time, you can find her on the tennis courts, outside with her dog Portia, or pretending she’s a master guitarist. Alyssa hopes that through serving as the Facilitator of Operations she can help create an environment in which freshmen can grow as student leaders.
Campus Involvement:
FSU Community Outreach Facilitator (Damayan Garden Project)
Garnet and Gold Scholar Society
FSU Global Scholars
FSU Honors College
FSU Service Scholars
PeaceJam Southeast
Impact America Campus Fellow
Garnet and Gold Goes Green



















Student Program Coordinator: Carolyn Harris
Phone: 850-644-48500




If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at fsufreshmanleadershipinstitute@gmail.com