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Family Groups


Events and Programming

The "Events and Programming" Family Group will plan an event with the intent of bringing freshman, transfer, and other FSU students together. They will be designated to create other social events with the purpose of building lasting relationships between the Freshman Leadership Institute Family.

Student Publications

The "Student Publications" Family Group will be the voice of the Freshman Leadership Institute. They will be responsible for publicizing events put on by FLI as a whole. They will cooperate with the other family groups to exchange proper media content for publications on the FLI Facebook page and various other social media applications.


The "Homecoming" Family Group will be in charge of not only personally participating in all of the homecoming events on campus, but will also have the task of inspiring FLI peers and fellow Noles to get involved with the events as well. These events include the Homecoming parade, Skit Night, creating an FLI Homecoming Banner, and more.