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The "Homecoming" Committee Cluster will be in charge of not only personally participating in all of the homecoming events on campus, but will also have the task of inspiring FLI peers and fellow Noles to get involved with the events as well. These events include the Homecoming parade, Skit Night, creating an FLI Homecoming Banner, and more. FSU Homecoming week is November 12-18, 2017.



The InspiratioNOLES Committee Cluster plans events with the intent of bringing FLI, FLI alumni, and other FSU students together. They will be the designated moral boosters of the FLI family, by encouraging and showing support for our fellow FLI participants in their involvements on campus in and outside of FLI.


Service Seminoles

The Service Seminole Committee Cluster will foster a sense of community development and service learning through personally exploring different areas of service, planning two group service activities for fellow FLI participants within the community, and reflecting on the service engaged in .