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Student Government Association



Executive Cabinet for the Pierre, Brown, and Pimentel Administration


Secretary of Academic Affairs: Courtney Saunders | E-mail: cns16@my.fsu.edu

Provides information and program options on academic issues and work with academic entities of the campus to further scholastic goals. Communicates with academic deans on behalf of the Student Government Association.







Secretary of Arts: Rachel Warren | E-mail: rsw16@my.fsu.edu

Maintains communication with the College of Music; College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance; College of Motion Picture Arts; and any on-campus entities dealing with the arts.










Secretary of Community Affairs: Kaitlynn Baird | E-mail: kdb15c@my.fsu.edu

Informs the Student Government Association about local projects that foster a strong sense of commitment to community involvement. This individual will also be responsible for strengthening civic engagement amongst students at Florida State University.







Secretary of Communications: VACANT | E-mail:

Maintains strong and consistent relations with various media outlets, effectively communicates to them the policies and stances of the SGA administration, and oversees all public relations and social media efforts of the administration. Additionally, this individual will be required to be skilled in graphic designing and videography.






Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion: Toni-Ann Singh | E-mail: tos14@my.fsu.edu

Promotes the active recruitment of a diverse student body and faculty, and seeks to enhance the quality of life of all students and alert the student government association to all social issues concerning the campus and its community. This individual will also specifically engage with the Mental Health Council, Diversity & Inclusion Institute and the Power of We.








Secretary of Internal Affairs: Bailey Jackson | E-mail: bnj17b@my.fsu.edu

Follows the proceedings of the legislative and judicial branches and capitalize on opportunities for checks and balances.











Secretary of Programming: Lisa Newbon | E-mail:

The Secretary of Programming will develop and coordinate events for or hosted by the Executive Branch. This individual will also be a resource for other organization to assist in their programming.










Secretary of STEM Development: Jason Arthmann | E-mail: ja15@my.fsu.edu

Thoroughly understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the science, technology, engineering, and math departments. This understanding will allow SGA to support STEM students and outweigh their challenges with opportunities.








Secretary of Student Affairs: Jay Thompson | E-mail:

Serves as the liaison between the Student Government Association and Direct Support Organizations (DSO) and Greek Life.