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Executive Cabinet for the Hill, Pierre, and Cortez Administration


Matthew Young

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Matthew Young | E-mail: mdy13b@my.fsu.edu

Provides information and program options on academic issues and work with academic entities of the campus to further scholastic goals.


Matthew is a third-year student majoring in Finance and Marketing from Jacksonville, Florida. On-campus Matt has been involved with the FSU Consulting Group, Willow Partners, Garnet & Gold Key, and the 69th Student Senate. He also was a Resident Assistant during his sophomore year. Outside of campus, Matthew has worked as a White House Intern and Program Ambassador for The Walt Disney Company, both of which are experiences he hopes to draw from in his day-to-day role within the Executive Cabinet.




Maia Kelly

Secretary of Arts: Maia Kelly | E-mail: mdk14c@my.fsu.edu

Maintains communication with the College of Music; College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance; College of Motion Picture Arts; and any on-campus entities dealing with the arts.


Maia Kelly is a Senior studying violin performance from Long Island, New York. She has played violin since she was three years old and has always been extremely passionate about the arts. Outside of SGA she has been involved in her sorority Alpha Chi Omega, the University Philharmonic Orchestra, the University Symphony Orchestra, and the Advance Party. She is available by email and is always looking to hear new ideas and/or concerns so please feel free to reach out to her at any time!


Theodore Imelda

Secretary of Community Affairs: Imelda Theodore | E-mail: it15b@my.fsu.edu

Informs the Student Government Association about local projects that foster a strong sense of commitment to community involvement.


Imelda, also known as Mel to many of her peers, is a Senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology with aspirations of becoming a higher education professor. Some of Imelda's hobbies include watching documentaries, writing poetry, cooking and traveling. Outside of SGA Imelda has been involved with The Haitian Cultural Club, SISTUHS Inc., The Black Student Union, Caribbean Student Association, DREAM, The Advance Party, Student Government Association as a 68th-69th student senator, Garnet and Gold Key and Imelda is a proud Seminole Torchbearer! Vires, Artes, Mores is not only FSU's motto, but a motto Imelda strives to live by. Imelda loves her FSU community and wants to engage with the student body by keeping everyone updated with all current events on and off campus. To submit an event for the monthly newsletter or to get more info please feel free to contact Imelda via email.




La' Vontae Johnson

Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion: La' Vontae Johnson | E-mail: ldj16@my.fsu.edu

Promotes the active recruitment of a diverse student body and faculty, and seeks to enhance the quality of life of all students and alert the student goverent association to all social issues concerning the campus and its community.


La' Vontae is a senior undergraduate transfer student at Florida State University’s (FSU) College of Business with a major in Human Resource Management. La’ Vontae is a strong advocate for organizational inclusion and effective people management. He is a firm believer that learning to embrace others differences strengthens a team and builds unity. Alongside serving on the SGA Executive Cabinet as the Secretary of Diversity & Inclusion, he is also involved as the Community Service Committee Co-Chair of the FSU Black Student Union, Partner with the FSU Consulting Group, and an active member of the FSU-Society of Human Resource Management.

La’ Vontae was previously involved with the Center for Leadership and Social Change as a 2016-17 Community Ambassador and Outreach Facilitator, held executive student leadership positions at his community college, and a former board member and Volunteer Crisis Counselor at 2-1-1 Big Bend. After graduation, La' Vontae will start his journey towards a career as a HR Professional in the retail industry or in Human Capital Management Consulting.

He would love to hear your voice and work together towards enhancing our campus to be more diverse and inclusive. Please feel free to reach out to him via his student FSU e-mail address if you have any questions, suggestions or issues involving Diversity and Inclusion on our campus.




Secretary of Internal Affairs: Samuel Pyle | E-mail: scp15d@my.fsu.edu

Follows the proceedings of the legislative and judicial branches and capitalize on opportunities for checks and balances.


Sam is a junior studying Political Science and International Affairs. He is considering a future in law, but has not made any concrete decisions just yet. When he isn't at Florida State, he spends his time surfing, diving, and going to the beach. His main goal is to help as many people that he possibly can, so feel free to reach out to him!



Secretary of Programming: Zachary Shuman | E-mail: zis15@my.fsu.edu

The Secretary of Programming will develop and coordinate events for or hosted by the Executive Branch. This individual will also be a resource for other organization to assist in their programming.


Zach is a third-year student studying political science from Parkland, Florida. He began his involvement as the Treasurer of the DeGraff Hall Council and later was elected Associate Director of the Inter-Residence Hall Council for the 2016-2017 year. He is also involved in Student Conduct Board, Garnet and Gold Key and works as an Administrative Assistant at the Executive Office of the Governor.



Madeline Holzmann

Secretary of STEM Development: Madeline Holzmann | E-mail: moh15@my.fsu.edu

Thoroughly understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the science, technology, engineering, and math departments. This understanding will allow SGA to support STEM students and outweigh their challenges with opportunities.


Madeline Holzmann serves as the Secretary for STEM development for the Executive Branch. She aims to further develop minority recruitment in STEM and create programing to get underprivileged students involved. Her passion for STEM was greatly influenced by her time at the U.S. Naval Academy where she attended their STEM camp and Summer Seminar. Secretary Holzmann’s main goal is to expand STEM programming and activities to help those already in those fields as well as those who would make a great addition. Secretary Holzmann currently studies Mechanical Engineering with a minor in computer science and mathematics. She is also a sister of Tri-Delta sorority and a former Student Senator for the college of engineering.



Edgar Barrios

Press Secretary: Edgar Barrios | E-mail: eab15d@my.fsu.edu

Maintains strong and consistent relations with various media outlets, effectively communicates to them the policies and stances of the SGA administration, and oversees all public relations and social media efforts of the administration.


Edgar Barrios serves as the Press Secretary for the Executive Branch. He aims to further connect the Executive branch with a larger population of the student body. His office will further communications between other SGA branches, bureaus, on-campus organizations as well as individual students and groups. He also works to make the administrations goals, initiatives and progresses publicized and clear to constituents. He is the spokesman for the administration and can be contacted for any information concerning the President, Vice President, Treasurer, or for any other executive cabinet member. Press Secretary Barrios currently studies Political Science, International Affairs and German. He enjoys sailing, golfing, soccer, Great Britain, and a good cricket match.