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The Center for Participant Education


Christian Vogt - Center for Participant Education Director

Vacant - Center for Participant Education Assistant Director


Location: CPE Office – 303k Oglesby Student Union






CPE was established in 1970 to provide an alternative to the traditional curriculum taught at FSU. Students wanted to explore socially relevant topics and to foster a healthier philosophy of education through classes in which anyone could teach or attend. Since then, CPE has been investigated by the Legislature, suspended by the Board of Regents, and challenged by FSU administration. CPE has managed to hold strong through all of this, and remains today as one of the last free universities in the country.


Our mission:
1. CPE shall be a forum for progressive and alternative ideas on education, politics and the arts.
2. CPE shall provide an area where students and local citizens can initiate and enact new programs that interest them.
3. CPE shall provide guest lectures, movies, classes and other alternative programs to traditional programs.
4. CPE shall provide these educational classes and programs without charging a fee for instruction.
* Participation is open to students, faculty and staff of the Florida State University and the Tallahassee community.


Our guiding principles:
• We make our decisions by consensus.
• We fight against the subjugation of the oppressed.
• We aim towards total inclusivity.
• We strive to reflect the needs of the community.


What We Do:
We put on free classes that anyone can attend or teach! If you are interested in teaching a CPE class, you can email your class title, description, and preferred dates to cpeclasses@gmail.com. Our course schedule is already finalized for fall, but we are accepting applications for spring.


Come to a CPE Meeting!
More infro coming soon.


The Office is Always Open to You:
The CPE Office is awesome. You can read neat zines. You can check out our awesome library of cool books. You can pick up materials from progressive organizations like stickers, pamphlets and post cards. Even DVDs. For Free. And the office is filled with history; the walls are plastered with posters from past events, newspaper clippings and awards. And if you need it, a CPE member is usually sitting around to help you out. You should get familiar with the place. That’s kind of what it’s there for: your benefit.


Directions to the CPE Office:
The CPE Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the Oglesby Union in Room 303K. It is only accessible by elevator, stairs, or teleportation. These access points are located in the Union, directly across from the Kaplan Office and several surrounding ATMs. It is also possible to locate the elevator and stairs by entering the 2nd floor lounge with the grand piano and then exiting through the back into the Student Government Lobby. The elevator and stairs are located on the right hand wall, in front of the SGA offices. Take the elevator or stairs up to the 3rd floor. Make a left as you exit and you will see a large bulletin board wall. Take a right, into the Club Downunder Offices. Once inside the CDU Offices, take another right and walk to the back wall. The last office to the right is the CPE Office.