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College Leadership Councils

 The College Leadership Councils acts as the ambassadors of their respective college and provide a direct link to the student body. They work directly with the Dean and other college administration to provide a student perspective. They create and oversee beneficial programming for students in an attempt to improve opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Each College Leadership Council will be composed of the following membership:


1. A designated number of undergraduate student representatives, preferably an adequate representative from each department within that college.


2. A designated number of graduate student representatives to be determined by each college.


A Student Senator appointed by the Senate President from their respective college will serve as a liaison between the council and Student Government. They are not considered official members of the council unless approved by the dean. Each College Leadership Council will have a department advisor that will be either a faculty member or administrator in that respective academic department and the body of the Council will elect from these members, a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.


To serve on a College Leadership Council, students must go through the following process:


1. Be nominated by a faculty member or department administrator, or fill out membership application provided by the respective council.


2. After being nominated or applying, the student will be given the opportunity to interview with the current members of the Council, and forwarded to the Dean for confirmation.


3. Upon confirmation, the student will serve a one- year term, starting in the fall or spring, which may be renewed at the end of their tenure through an evaluation process, overseen by the advisor and the current members of the council.


4. Student needs to be in good standing with their college and university.