Conference Presentation Support Grant Guidelines

Offered by Congress of Graduate Students (COGS)
Florida State University A207 Oglesby Union Tallahassee, FL 32306-4023


You must be a registered FSU graduate student at the time you travel to your conference. Applications cannot be processed without your FSU ID number.

  1. You are required to include the following documents. Applications submitted without these documents will not be processed:

    • Your conference registration form with billing information that lists you as a registrant.

    • A copy of a preliminary program showing your presentation schedule or your acceptance letter which names

      you specifically as the primary presenter. This must have contact information for your conference.

    • If this is your second grant for this fiscal year, you are required to provide a letter stating any financial support for the conference provided by your department from one of the following two sources: 1) the department Chair of which you are a member, or 2) your academic advisor.

  2. As COGS is funded by student Activities and Services (A&S) fees, those students who are funded by state fee waivers (and therefore do not pay these fees) are not eligible to receive funds from this program.

  3. This form must be received by COGS completed, signed, and accompanied by the required documentation no less than 10 business days prior to your departure. Late applications will not be processed, nor will applications submitted after travel has commenced. If you currently receive a paycheck through the University, reimbursement will be through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT or direct-deposit). For others, the university will mail a check to the address you have on file. Make sure your address is current with the university. Your check will not be mailed to your department address.

  4. Please note that funding from this Program is available ONLY for those presenting at a conference. This includes presentation of scholarly papers, research abstracts, creative endeavors and performances (such as poetry readings, art exhibitions, and musical or theater performances). This DOES NOT include assisting with physical setup or supervision of a conference. If you are ONLY ATTENDING a conference, please apply for the Academic & Professional Conference Support Grant. If you are in doubt as to whether or not your work fits the criteria for this grant, call the COGS office for clarification.

  5. These grants are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the intent of COGS that, if possible, the department be the primary source of funding with COGS funding as a supplemental source. Conference grant money is divided into 3 time periods: July 1–October 31, November 1–February 29, and March 1–June 30. Applications may be turned in no earlier than June 1, October 1, and February 1 for each respective period.

  6. COGS regards these grants as a precious resource for graduate students but is limited to the constraints of the COGS budget. Once the funds are spoken for, COGS cannot issue any more grants regardless of an individual’s eligibility status. We will put you on a waiting list and notify you if more funding becomes available.

  7. Presentation grants are awarded for travel from the FSU campus as follows:

    Outside continental US (foreign countries, Alaska, Hawaii): $500

    Within the continental US (more than 100 miles) $200

  8. Please save all of your receipts when you travel. Receipts totaling the amount awarded ($200 or $500) as well as an agenda or program must be turned in to the department travel representative within 30 calendar days from the end of the conference. Mailing receipts is done at your own risk!

  9. a. Remember the State of Florida requires receipts to substantiate expenses. Fax reproductions of receipts are not acceptable. Receipts must include:

    • Date of purchase

    • Preprinted vendor name and address

    • Itemization of the purchase

    • E-Tickets must include billing information; otherwise they are a reservation, not a receipt.

    • Hotel receipts must include either your name as primary registered guest or additional guest or payment must show last 4 numbers of credit card number that paid all or part of the bill belonging to you.

      b. If you do not turn in your receipts within 30 calendar days, the grant is cancelled without notice.

    • 8. Please note: Once you have submitted your application and received an approval email from the COGS Program Associate, you are responsible for submitting all of the required documentation to your department travel representative.

    • 9. As per the FSU Policy for International Experiences distributed by the Office of Provost 1/14/2010, if your presentation is in an international location you must go to and complete a Student International Experience Plan (SIEP) and Release Form, following all safety and pre-departure requirements, and obtain your Faculty Advisor’s signature. Additionally, you must request an exemption if your travel is to a high risk country.

    • 10. Use Avis when renting a car. The university has a contract with them and covers the insurance portion of the bill. The travel department is more likely to cover your costs with this vendor. If you rent a larger automobile, be prepared to justify that expense. See more Travel Tips on the COGS website at

      11. Students are limited to two grants (either Presentation, Academic Conference Support Grants, or some combination thereof) per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). The maximum dollar amount for any given student is $600 worth of grants in any single fiscal year.

      Please note: All rules regarding this award are subject to change

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