COGS Executive Board Profiles

Executive Committee



Speaker: Alexander Boler
Alexander Boler is an MBA student from Clearwater, Florida. He is an alumnus of Florida State University, graduating with a J.D. in 2013, and a B.S. in 2010. Boler has been a leader in numerous student organizations at Florida State over the course of his several years here, and is a lifelong Seminoles fan.

As Speaker, Alex chairs the Executive Committee, presides over all COGS functions and represents COGS and the graduate student body to the University and the public.









Deputy Speaker for Finance: Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is currently pursuing a PhD in musicology at FSU. She earned her bachelor's degree in violin performance from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC in 2010 and her master's degree in historical musicology from FSU in 2012. She has served on COGS since the Nineteenth Congress."

As Deputy Speaker for Finance, Catherine oversees the COGS budget, issues reports on the balance and expenditure of COGS accounts and prepares budget request for ratification by the Assembly. She also oversees the disbursement of COGS travel grants and assists the Speaker as needed with the administration of COGS.








Deputy Speaker for Judicial Affairs: Will Nilson
Will Nilson graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Music Education in choral music education. He principally studied voice and guitar. He also studied the ancient Chinese stringed instrument called the guzheng. Will interned at Lincoln High School as a choral music educator, and then took a year off from school to work for the Florida House of Representatives. Soon after, Will began his legal education at the Florida State University College of Law; he is currently in his second year there. He looks forward to working this summer at Holland & Knight, a national law firm in Orlando. In his free time Will enjoys SCUBA diving and singing the National Anthem for local events, such as Naturalization Ceremonies.

As Deputy Speaker for Judicial affairs, Will ensures that the COGS Code and bylaws comply with the Student Body Constitution and Statutes and presides over the impeachment process. He also works to recruit and swear in new representatives and assists the Speaker as needed with the administration of COGS.





Deputy Speaker for Communication: Neleen Leslie
Neleen Leslie is a native of the island of Jamaica and is currently a second year doctoral student in the School of Communication’s Mass Communication program. She completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Technology, Jamaica where she majored in Marketing and International Business. Neleen spent three years as a marketer in the Jamaican pharmaceutical industry at one of the largest distribution companies in the island. She became a Seminole in the fall of 2010 and earned a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Management Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management in the fall of 2011.

As Deputy Speaker for Communication, Neleen acts as the public relations liaison between COGS and the University and Public Press domains. She also works with SGA Student Publications to maintain the COGS website and assists the Speaker as needed with the administration of COGS.




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COGS Program Associate: Whitney Brown










Associate Director, and COGS Advisor: Danielle Morgan Acosta










Director: Vicki Dobiyanski










SGA Business Manager: Kim Dicks