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Presentation Grant Funds Available

November 1-February 28 Funding Period:
Funds Available as of 10/5/2021: $60,000














The Congress of Graduate Students understands the importance of attending conferences, presenting research, and representing Florida State University to the national and international academic community. The COGS Grant Program was created to support students in these endeavors.

Funds are made available on a first come, first serve basis, with limited funds available in each funding period. Once funds are depleted for a funding cycle, COGS is unable to issue additional funds, regardless of an individual’s eligibility status.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for funds at the beginning of the grant period or one month prior to the first date of the conference, whichever comes first. 

Funding from this program is available for individuals presenting at virtualand in-person conferences. This includes the presentation of scholarly papers, research abstracts, creative endeavors and performances (such as poetry readings, art exhibitions, and musical or theatre performances). This does not include assisting with physical set up, supervision of a conference or assisting presenters. 

To fairly distribute resources across the academic year, COGS has three distinct funding periods. These grants are made available on a first come first serve basis. Once the funds are spoken for, COGS cannot issue any more grants REGARDLESS of an individual’s eligibility status.

Funding Periods:
July 1-October 31 (Application window opens June 1)
November 1-February 28 (Earliest time you can apply is October 1)
March 1-June 30 (Application window opens February 1)

Funding Amounts:
Outside continental U.S. (foreign countries, Alaska, and Hawaii): $500 
Within the continental U.S. (more than 100 miles from Florida State University): $200 

Please Note: Students are limited to two (2) grants (either presentation, conference attendance, or some combination thereof) per fiscal year (July 1 Current Year-June 30 Following Year). The maximum awarded amount in travel grants for any given student is $500 in any single fiscal year.


You must be a registered FSU graduate student at the time you travel to your conference.

Presentation Grant Application Checklist

  • Submit your application at 15 business days prior to the conference or 1 month prior to the funding period.
  • Have conference registration form with billing information that lists you as a registrant
  • A copy of the preliminary program showing your presentation or acceptance letter which names you specifically as the primary presenter
  • ** If this is your second grant for the fiscal year include a letter from your department chair or academic advisor stating any financial support for the conference.
  • Contact your department and request your department travel representative’s contact information. It is your responsibility to correctly list your department’s travel representative information so your award can be processed.

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