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Representative of the month

The Representative of the Month recongnizes representatives who has served the Congress of Graduate Student in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude.

Representative of the Month


Idris Demirsoy 

Representative Seat:

College of Arts and Sciences


PhD program in Statistics

I also have a Masters in Statistics and a Masters in Biostatistics


I am from Turkey. I was born in a small city called Gumushane but raised in Sivas, Turkey.

Why I joined COGS:

I have always liked to help solve problems. I knew by joining COGS I could help my peers in my College with their problems and make sure they are heard.

What I do for fun:

I have a variety of interests. I love kayaking, hiking, and playing soccer. I also enjoy going on random road trips with my Harley Davidson.









The COGS Monthly Newsletter seeks to keep graduate students updated on the Congress’s monthly activities, as well as provide information on what we do and how students can get involved. It also highlights special upcoming events and deadlines for graduate students to help them be aware of what is occurring in the upcoming month.The archives below contain every issue published since the first issue was created in April 2018.