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COGS Attendance and Presentation Grants for Individual Graduate Students


The Congress of Graduate Students understands the importance of attending conferences, presenting research, and representing Florida State University to the national and international academic community. The COGS Grant Program was created to support students in these endeavors. Funds are made available on a first come, first serve basis, with limited funds available in each funding period. Once funds are depleted for a funding cycle, COGS is unable to issue additional funds, regardless of an indivudal’s eligibility status. Graduate students are encouraged to apply for funds at the beginning of the grant period or one month prior to travel, whichever comes first.

COGS Travel & Presentation Grants Funding Period Schedules

July 1-October 31 (Earliest time you can apply is June 1)
November 1-February 28 (Earliest time you can apply is October 1)
March 1-June 30 (Earliest time you can apply is February 1)

The deadline to submit a complete application is at least 15 business days prior to a conference. Due to limited funds, unfortunately there are no exceptions.

To learn more about the requirements and apply to ATTEND an academic and professional conference, click here.

To learn more about the requirements and apply to PRESENT at an academic and professional conference, click here.

The earliest time you can apply is one month before a funding period.

For more information regarding eligibility and requirements please select the attendance and/or presentation grant links.

Academic & Professional Conference Support Grant (attendance only)

COGS Conference Presentation Support Grant

Attendance Grant Recipients:

If you were approved for an Attendance Grant and recently returned from your travel, please submit a copy of your receipt(s) and the outside cover of the program to the Attendance Grant Receipt Submission link.

As a reminder all receipts should be submitted within 30 days following the conference.

Attendance Grant Receipt Submission